Make a Wish Girls.. It Could Come True!

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If you girls have not seen this Christmas advert for Nina l’Exlixir perfume you really must. It’s an enchanting fairy-tale starring a beautiful blonde in a pink sissy dress.

We guess you limp-wristed effeminates and lovers of silk and ruffles will go weak at the knees and wish you could wear something similar this holiday…

Be The Fairest of Them All?

What are you thinking my sissy friends there is nothing stopping you dedicated ‘House’ girls.

Look as pretty as the blonde in the commercial or any Christmas fairy – by simply following our strict behaviour modification guidelines as laid down in our Assignments and you too will be prancing like an enchanted sissy not in some make believe woodland but in your very own home.

Too good to be true… we think not!

Come on girls step into those sissy panties, pink high heels and glorious white fishnets… and who knows which Mistress you’ll snare this holiday. And if you make a wish to be a  girl this holiday, it might just happen!

And remember to send us your sissy holiday photos to include in our glorious gallery.

To see the ad click here

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chanel lacy

This sissy is so fortunate that Madame Stewart has allowed he.r the privilege of joining this fabulous site. Although a member of the House for a relatively short time, s.he has learned so much and is making progress toward becoming… Read more “chanel lacy”

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