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Greetings Mistresses (curtsey) and Hi girls!
Guess what! i’ve come back home to the center of the Sissy universe. The Fabulous  House of Sissify! i’ve missed the House so much. It’s easy to forget when life sweeps you up and takes you places where you left your core. My core is right here nestled in all the Barbie pink pages and retro good girl art that festoon these hallowed pages. If the House were my room you would see my wigs all over the place. My panties hanging on every page. i’ve spent so much time here and have consumed, used, and abused, every drop of information i could squeeze from the House. And there is allot. More than any other place on the web anywhere. You have to spend  years  sifting through it all. One thing is no sissy who has ever passed through the entrance page of this site can ever say they were ever at a lack for information entertainment and support.
So that is why I’ve come back.  To see what i can give back to a place that has given me soo much.
Think of me as your Sissify Bar Wench. You know that awesome cocktail waitress that seems to know you need something even before you realize your sucking ice. I’m going to hunt down and serve up the whole fabulous fierce and flawless Fem Domme and TG world out there… or at least the parts of it they will let me into. And i’m going to bring em right back here and serve them up with lots of fruit and those cool little umbrellas that go up your nose when your drunk.
This isn’t going to be any of that passive blogging you see out there on the web either. i’m going to hurl myself  tits first  at Fetish. Get in, get dirty, and fully emerse myself in all the wanton debauchery i can wallow in.
I know, i know… your saying  “Thank you veronica for your willing sacrifice and selfless devotion to our craven voyeuristic carnal lusts”
To which I say,  No problem sweeties I will fall on this unexploded perverted projectile.”
Ok with that said please allow me to introduce you to the Goddess Worship Network or as we call it the GWN. I think your going to love this. It’s the very first Internet television Network dedicated the Superior Female and Fetish at large world wide. 150 movie trailers, banned commercials, music videos, comedy sketches and all the very best weirdness found on YouTube. An endless parade of the Top Dommes the lowliest sissies and Female Supremacist propaganda . The Goddess Worship network is my little offering to the fabulous Ladies who so lovingly facilitate our twisted fantasies. The GWN is changing all the time as I create new content or discover the best material offered on You Tube.
The very first video featured this week on  GWN  is called “Female Supremacy: A History.” This video is a kind of subjective history of the Dominant Woman from the ancient pagan temples to the cutting edge Top Dommes of today. I created this video for my Mistress,  Mistress Alexia Jordon.  Your no doubt going to be hearing allot about Mistress in this blog. As Mistress Alexia is the person I’ve been sharing my sissy adventures with and the She God who is making my wildest sissy dreams come true almost on a daily basis.
So girls please sit back and relax. Open up your girly minds and let me entertain you. I’m your personal Buffer fluffer!
Until next blog……………Poof!
Carpe Noctum
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Thank you so much for providing us with your wonderful website! I was feeling so lost and lonely, until I discovered you. I am so eager to learn more about your happy community. In the mean time, I promise to… Read more “freddie”

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