Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

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Did you know it was Marilyns Birthday on the 1st June. She was a beautiful, strong determined woman and yet is a constant source of admiration for you sissies.

Pay homage and celebrate the birthday of this famous American actress.

One possible option is to dress the part – an obvious and relatively easy task for a sissy of any decent calibre.

Are you up for the challenge?

Simply get yourself a blonde ‘Marilyn’ wig, a below-the-knee, full and flowing white halter-neck dress, hose, suspenders and a strapless bra.

You needn’t necessarily find a billowing air vent to stand over so your pretty skirt blows upward to expose your panties but it may help if you wish to catch the eye of a budding Hollywood film director, president or powerful Mistress.

Search in you local paper for a Marilyn celebratory event and party hard without any fear of ridicule. Alternatively stay at home, cuddle up to your Mistress in admiration and watch one of Marilyn’s classic movies like ‘Some like it hot’ with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon – a House favourite!

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