‘Mwah’ Love you Darling!

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If you want to greet someone and it warrants more than a handshake or hug? A sissy air kiss is a good display of social decorum and gives away your hidden yearning beautifully. The standard kiss involves a kiss directly on the cheek whereas a sissy air kiss is when you barely brush cheeks, purse your lips together and kiss the air near the right cheek.

Above all, the kiss must be carried out in an exaggerated manner to attract attention. If people are watching or they missed it the first time, it may be appropriate to switch sides and repeat on the opposite cheek. It’s also important not to remain silent when kissing and should be accompanied by a loud ‘mwah’ sound as if to exaggerate the pretence of genuine kissing. Optionally you can add to your sissy status by making some feminine remark about the recipient such as, “love the dress,” or “your hair is gorgeous darling!”

Dainty air kissing is considered insincere and very popular with female showbiz types and definitely not expected from a normal butch guy, so should match your demeanour perfectly. So there you have it.

Practice your sissy kissing today perhaps on a suitably inflated balloon but on no account must you do this on your Superior (for the above insincerity reason) and if in full sissy regalia it’s also a perfectly normal form of greeting. Plus at these moments it gives you a great opportunity to sniff your recipients feminine perfume and decide if its more expensive or sweeter smelling than your own.

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The House has been great, this sissy feels that this is a great community with very respectable Superiors and Staff who run our House. This sissy is very grateful. The House of Sissify has helped this sissy keep in mind… Read more “tiffany”

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