Open Wide Cocksuckers!

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Cock Sucker There comes a time when every sissy should become accustomed to cocksucking. In the past you may have had your own sucked but now as a sissy the tables are turned and its you who has to open wide.

It is a privilege that a man is trusting enough to let you suck his cock so it is therefore imperative that you lovingly embrace his meat and lavish the attention that it so richly deserves.

Look at him submissively, use you tongue, avoid your teeth and salivate greedily over his member and if you follow our guidelines in the Behaviour Modification assignment ‘cocksucking’ to the letter he will will soon be cumming for you.

Simply ask permission to swallow his gift and he will either a) grant you your wish and eject his hot seed into the back of your throat or, as loved by many a man, b) partly withdraw and spray your pretty face with his thick sticky cream.

Either way your actions will confirm your sissy status and you lick up every last last drop.

Who knows you may soon have a load of men knocking on your door expecting you to dress to impress, fall at their feet and suck for all your worth.

Alternatively you may be blessed with a Mistress who believes in sharing and may invite some of her friends to sample your cocksucking skills.

Whatever you do… make sure you document it all in glorious detail in an assignment for grading.

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!



This sissy is sooooooooooo glad to be in the community. she is learning so much and hopes to get much more training to be a better sissy slut, she loves to submit and please and talk with her sisters.

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