Pedal Sissy Girl!

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Looking for the perfect exercise to help you tone up your legs and plump up your rear? Take to the road on a bicycle, dress the part and watch your unwanted fat simply fall off.

We frequently extoll the virtues of regular exercise as part of your strict feminization activities but many of you sissies seem strangely reluctant to don a pink leotard and hose to work out at your local gym. Besides you want to tone up not bulk up. If this is you we have the perfect solution.

push me please

Push me please!

Buy yourself a delightful old fashioned ladies step through bicycle, ideally with a basket on the front for those last minute groceries and get set.

The great benefit of sissy cycling this summer is that you can dress for the occasion since you are moving at at least 3mph and no one will get a good glimpse to recognise your true identity. Capiche!

Apply some sense when choosing your skirt or dress like the pretty girl in our photo since you don’t want to wear anything too short and revealing which might cause a traffic jam. Whether you stop for a latte on route that’s your choice.

And before you pop a sizeable plug in your pretty butt remember where you will be sitting as long journeys can make you rather sore… but then again!

Dress up, mount up and cycle off!

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!


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