Scrabbling to Put on a Frock

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The English can be an eccentric bunch and the winner of the National Scrabble Championship  recently proved it by wearing an eye-catching dress whilst playing.

Her Mistress would undoubtedly be proud of her win which included her top scoring word, the comparatively straightforward ‘updates’, which gave her 105 – but the most eye-catching aspect about the 33-year-old man was her shocking pink PVC dress, pink wig, gloves and lace tights.

How Do You Spell Cock Sucker?

Male scrabble players across the globe are not renown for being snappy dressers, favouring worn jerseys, jeans and beards so here at the House we gave a little cry of joy to see a sissy perform so well in public.

When asked for her winning secret, she said her fascination for words begun when she started writing her diary as a little girl. Which just goes to show the power of the written word and how important a diary can be for all you girls.

We recognise this fact and provide you wannabe sissies the facility to  keep a note of your feminization in your own private diary. It’s a great way to meet other girls and Mistresses  and see what others just like you are doings as well as gleaning inspiration and advice.

Go for it girls…  Then put it down in words and make the most of your own diary.

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