Shave Those sissy Legs Silky Smooth

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Shaving is an integral part of being a sissy and with a beautiful sweeping motion you can relatively effortlessley remove all that unsightly male hair to leave your total body silky smooth and heavenly.

With your arms, legs, chest and other essential areas as smooth as silk, your new feminine clothes will feel wonderful. Trust us, your sissy world will open up like  pandoras box. Everything you own will feel adorable.

Spot the sissy Difference

Your expensive stockings will take on a new meaning and caress your legs, your naughty silk panties will glide on (and off) your butt and your blouse will simply slide over your arms like cream over strawberries – all of which will tell the world that you have embarked on a wonderful journey of femininity.

Once you have started to shave you simply won’t be able to resist keeping yourself baby smooth, irresistible and girly. That is one of the hidden joys of shaving, as every time you bath, you’ll shave just like a real lady. It may at first seem a tiresome chore but as we have always said, ‘no pain, no gain’ and frankly the task acts as a perfect reminder of the beautiful princess you so want to be.

So with out a moment to lose… read our Behaviour Modification Assignment on shaving. Buy the necessary bathroom essentials and become a smooth girly girl. Then it is just a matter of submitting your ‘Shaving’ report and getting your legs looking luscious and silky smooth.

Remember girls your legs are your greatest asset – flaunt them!

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