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A sissy maid cleans! Even though the Olympic games are now over, it’s hard to avoid being caught up in the afterglow. If you’re feeling a little more proactive than your average sofa sissy, why not get into our Special Games!

We know you’re not the athletic type, preferring something less strenuous and feminine, but look around…. there is plenty to inspire a sporty sissy, right in your own home. This got us thinking about the games of the Sissify Olympics, so dust off those tiny gym slips, frilly tutus and tight one-piece swimming costumes, as in our games…. even you could win a gold.

For instance, have you considered…

  • Floor cleaning – Be quick with that mop girl!
  • Muff diving – Scoff down and fill your face.
  • Sissy Maid  Obstacle Course –   Dress as a ravishing French Maid and hurry along a tricky course of steep steps, tiny dark hallways and obstacle strewn rooms. But beware the judges have eagle eyes and are incredibly strict. Make sure you don’t spill a drop of tea or drop a cookie crumb.
  • Sissy boxing – Fight your way out of a wet paper bag – we dare you!
  • Crying – All good sissies like a sob. Break down in tears and cry buckets.
  • 100 Meter Sashay  – Remember girls 5″ ‘fuck me’ heels not sneakers – How far can you swing?
  • Cheerleading – Which sissy can dazzle the crowd with their Pom-Poms? Go Girl, shake away and make the men slaver.
  • Ironing – Ditch those skateboards, body boards and surf boards. The Ironing board is your proffered item of sports equipment. Careful of your creases and see how much you can iron.
  • Rugby Who are you kidding!  This sport is for Real Men.. A true sissy need not apply.
  • Butt plug Squats – Up down, in out. Various classes available small (doesn’t apply here) Medium, Large and extra large – enough to make a girls eye water – don’t you think?
  • High Pitch Squealing – Sing like a girl, flourish as a sissy.
  • Suck Off (sprint and relay) – How quickly can you bring him off and how many men can you accommodate?
  • Pocket Cock – Like snooker but instead of balls, big multicoloured cocks are pocketed in all your orifices.
  • Princess on Parade – This should be like falling off a log if you have already submitted your photo to us, posses the required fem attitude and have submitted yourself to a girlish life.
  • Feather Dusting – Don’t you dare leave a single speck untouched.
  • Shooting – We know you normally just dribble your pathetic seed so this may take some practice. Targets may vary depending on your Mistresses requirements. Needless to say Special day rules apply.
  • Sissy Shaving – Achieve that all-over silk like sheen in record time.
  • Dildo Cycling – You pedal while sitting on a special dildo saddle. (Ribbed to excite naturally!)
  • Sissy Skating – Not Street or ice. This is beautiful, graceful dance in which you are incased in twirling chiffon and have to sparkle.
  • Tug of War – Grasp your Sissy-clit and race to ejaculate (only during your special time).
  • Sissy Pole-Dancing – Find yourself a stiff pole and gyrate seductively around it.
  • Hair brushing – Don’t get in a tangle or you will feel the wrong side of the brush on your cute ass.
  • Nail / face painting – Paint yours or your Mistress. Points awarded for quality not just quantity.
  • Sissy Lap-Dancing – Slip into a tiny costume, slap on far too much make-up and rub your sweet ass all over the lucky judges. Points awarded based on arousal. Stiff competition expected. First cum. first served!
  • Ruffled Pantie Making – Show them what you can do once you’ve threaded a needle. (As no doubt you have completed the sissify assignment)
  • Dance Off – Dress in ludicrously high heels and the most swirling feminine dress. Let your partner grab your tiny waist and twirl you around the dance floor. Sweet!
  • Bending Over, pantie showing – Another spectator sport. Touch toes and show all. Just make sure they are suitably lacy. Soiling is an instant disqualification!

Fancy your chances? What would you enter for? Or perhaps now that we have wetted your appetite you may have some better suggestions? Don’t write to the Olympic Committee drop us a line here at Sissify.

The girls want to know…. Go for the gold,  and represent your House of Sissify!

Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!



may i request permission to speak freely from the heart? upon finishing chapter one of “Girlfriends” by Vicky Tern……oh, my, God…Mistress, i just don’t know what to say. oh my God, this really is home! God in heaven i’m going… Read more “danielle”

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