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slinky blouse

Despite the blouse being discarded for decades on the fashion scrapheap many of you sissies still regard it as in.

We can understand why, what with their long sleeves, pretty prints and pussy-bows, any sissy can look so feminine in such a slinky garment so we are delighted to report that the old-fashioned blouse is back on the front row.


slinky blouse This does mean all you blouse loving sissies who shopped for those feminine bargains in the charity shops or sale bins may find their price rising as more and more bargain hunters snap them up.

Feel no shame regarding your fashion sense, or lack of it and dig out these polka-dot, nude and blush toned silken delights. Just remember that to keep a blouse looking fresh and youthful, wear it with teeny-tiny shorts or slightly cropped trews.

If sending us a photo try leaving a few buttons undone so we and your girlfriends can see that you are actually wearing a bra and for goodness sake try and smile and show your Superior that you enjoy being a sissy gurl.

Despite this latter failing, the delightfully pretty lady in our picture does get a bonus mark for adopting the lowley floor position – which as every superior knows is perfect for a cock sucking sissy whore.

Who said the house never gives fashion advice. A pretty blouse can make you look rich, cool and sexy all at the same time. Go buy!

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