Westboro Baptists eats it’s own!

Madame StewartDeep Dish2 Comments

God LOVES fags!

One might think that crazy Kentucky clerk Kim Davis who’s been refusing to honor the law and issuing gay marriage licenses would be on the “Right Side of God” by the hate mongering Westboro Baptist Church, wouldn’t you?  You remember them right girls? They’re the far right bible thumpers that pickets funerals of service members, people with AIDS – just nasty, nasty and mean displays of hate. But what’s this? They’re not sparing Davis? No! They’re focusing their hate towards her given her admission of past adultery and four marriages – for being a “self righteous hypocrite”, an adulteress, and a “fake Christian”.

A handful of demonstrators turned up Monday morning at the Rowan County Courthouse and Morehouse State University, singing and holding signs denouncing gays, blaming divorce for same-sex marriage, and announcing that “America Is Doomed.”

Nothing makes Us happier when hatemongers that judge Our community actually eat each other for lunch.

Now that’s a Deep Dish!

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lucy lu
lucy lu
4 years ago

lucy lu is agnostic and believes that anytime someone makes statements such as those depicted in the image above then they are limiting a god that is also considered omnipotent in the same theology. As a result and in lucy lu’s opinion the depicted statements result in fundamental conflicts or contradictions within their theology. However, convincing them of their error would be very very difficult because their belief is frequently stronger than the truth. In other words, how do you convince a fool against their will? lucy lu certainly has no idea since this sissy has certainly been foolish many… Read more »

4 years ago

These people are so dumb!