Consistency is Key

A sissy serves her Superior

Servitude is important for sissy
It has to constantly be on mind, keeping busy
Whether or not sissy’s Mistress is present
This sissy must continue to practice lessons
Servitude is the goal
sissy must let go, and have Mistress take control
Consistency is key, and humiliation will happen
So sissy must abide by what Mistress says, or sissy’s butt might get a slapping
The Superior rules, and to Mistress sissy must submit actions
Otherwise, s.he’s a lie, and really just acting
Servitude is a state of subjection to an owner or a master
It’s a lack of personal freedom for sissy to do what s.he wants, and sissy loses it faster and faster
To be a good servant
It’s important sissy stays learning
There’s many things sissy can practice and teach he.rself
Such as cooking, cleaning, keeping Mistress’ house in order, for those, sissy needs no help
Same with being a proper host at parties, giving massages, cunnilingus, and fellatio
If sissy performs these well, Mistress may smile, look at sissy, and say, “Away she goes”
sissy must always present he.rself proper and keep up he.r appearance
For sissy lives to honor Mistress and must maintain adherence
sissy’s demeanor is important whether s.he’s sitting, standing, serving, walking
Or if s.he’s kneeling, being punished, or talking
sissy must always present he.rself properly
For example, when s.he curstys, it can’t be done sloppily
All male behaviors must be eradicated
Replaced with feminine traits, sissy must remain dedicated
Panties are mandatory, there are no exceptions
sissy must remain tucked, not seeking erections
Women’s studies are important to help sissy better please Mistress
Treat all Women with respect, they’re superior, sissy can’t ever forget this
There’s questions sissy must ask, have i served a Woman today
Did i place a Woman’s needs above mine, do something kind, did sissy obey
Servitude is what sissy lives for, for it, s.he has a yearning
To Mistress sissy must give up her mind, it will only take time, sissy is learning

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I would like to thank you for a great web site. When I first found it, well it was like receiving a gift. I wish you had been around when I was younger.

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