An Erotic Moment


The deep pools of your eyes tenderly invite me in
In this tenderness lies your true authority
It strips away the veil which keeps my deepest secrets hidden
I avert my gaze from your eyes
I turn to your ruby red lips
My eyes focused there my secrets can be kept
Your lips arouse my passions
They are full of the promise of things yet to come
Those lucious wet lips of yours tempting me ever closer
The sweet smell of your breath fills my nostrils
Intoxicated by you I bend forward to press my lips to yours
Playfully you pull away from me
My eyes downcast I wish you not to see my embarrassment
You tilt my head up to meet your gaze
You wish to revel in the desire in my eyes
Enjoying the utter power you exhort over me
Your eyes say they are quite happy with what they have seen
You lean forward to reward me with the briefest taste of your lips
Gently you allow our lips to meet
The dew of your lips brings me to new heights
As quickly as our lips meet you pull away
I look into your eyes and beg for more
You smile back with a mischievous look and lick your lips
Gazing into my eyes you see me approaching the point of total surrender
For this I am rewarded with a longer more intimate kiss
You’re careful though to pull away leaving me longing for more
Embarrassed over my position I tilt my head in shame
Not wanting you to see what you are doing to me
With a finger you tenderly you raise my head
You will not be denied the story my eyes are telling
I know that this is the only thing you want or need from me
Yet I resist
Running your finger over your lips my attention is brought to their fullness
Reaching out with your finger you begin to trace my lips
I reach out with my tongue to lick your delicate finger
You pull it away and shake it at me as though I were a naughty boy
Now what little resistance which remained has vanished
In its place is my unconditional surrender to you
Recognizing this you lean forward and kiss me tenderly on the lips
Allowing our tongues to intertwine in a sensuous dance

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I would like to thank you for a great web site. When I first found it, well it was like receiving a gift. I wish you had been around when I was younger.

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