Musings of a sissy

In seeking paths of torture
yet in love freely given,
i have wandered toward demesnes dark.
To the Lady i have spoken
yet Her stinging lash have not felt.
Journeying far o’re roads less traveled
is the course for me.
Under wild stars i will reach eventually
this place of worship at the Goddess’s feet,
to serve and adore Her, to say “Merry Meet”.

She is Chaos in the hinterlands;
in Her skies planets crash and
stones burst asunder, blossoms of fire
against the darkened wind.
i have witnessed the birth of Hope
in universes forming; from whence singularity arises.

She is the Voice that sounds that roars when glaciers crack,
and the dreams of restless sleep.
She is the depth of the abyss,
and the echoes of the deep.

i hear Her in all my waking dreams;
i see Her in forest glens.
Under a silvery moon in shifting shadows
She dances down by where the wildewood wends.

Under Thy merciless sting i awaken
to the bite of love’s bliss;
lions fly on gossamer wings,
a new reality i might have missed.
Thy spiked boots and cruel whip
leave me helpless and enslaved,
yet my passion is woke to the end of desire,
to Your stable to be yoked, my destiny to be paved.

i wear the clothes You have given,
whether in love or in pity,
destiny’s door now open,
lead me on in makeup to Fem city.

by kikki

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gina laVaLampe

It seems the House of Sissify has loosened the ground up beneath me and im descending, in free fall, accelerating by the vast gravitational attraction of Femininity.

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