I’ve spent my first week as a member,
perusing page after sissify page.
it all sent my heart quickly racing,
pictures, assignments and advice so sage.

Oh how Miss Ayme I envy,
and I’m jealous of Mistress Celeste’s sucker of men.
The tucking and dildo play lessons,
I’ve begun without waiting for when.

And oh what examples your she male pix make
the double-o-25 action; so hot!
But as I plan out my future journey,
blond 0021-23’s the goal when a male I am not.

Last night I grabbed pen and a note pad
to jot down a plan for the next year.
This is the path that you’ve powered me on,
I want you to be first to hear.

The first goal’s to lose several inches.
I’m off to the treadmill and all.
Motivating me is my outing,
I plan it to take place next fall.

Reducing my waist to a thirty
is something I’m bound to achieve.
On Valentine’s Day I will tug on,
a red lace corset it’s fit will relieve.

Once reaching goal one I embark on phase two
that’s to see if I can pass en-fem.
I plan a March trip to a makeover artist’
in hopes I won’t look like any men.

Photos and details will be sent to you
your feedback I’d humbly request,
then Spring and Summer will see me work hard
giving new voice, walk and makeup my best.

All through this time it will take strength I know,
a coward’s this sissy’s long friend.
I’d relish the chance to be trained and to serve
a strong mistress, my persona she’ll bend.

From spring into summer beneath suits I’ll wear
panties, garters, lace hose and red toes.
My own laundry I’ll do to learn servitude work,
and to make sure my spouse does not know.

I’ll send via tape or photos as wished
updates on my gradual fem’ growth.
Your feedback and words I’ll longingly await
any negatives I’ll humbly loath.

If the lessons I pass October’s the month
when I plan to try once and for all,
a conference will take me down to L-A
and oh I shall have quite a ball.

Once there and alone, the razor I’ll use
to shave my bod’ hairless at last.
On my slim frame I envision to tug
a bra, garter and silk stockings, not fast.

I’ll walk through a mall, no doubt nervous throughout
hoping not to be taken for male.
Perhaps even I’d stop and try on a dress
motivated if it should be on sale.

For a whole week, as a woman I’ll dress
visiting clubs, bars and adventures all fun.
Men I hope to meet for dates and for more
never returning before the rising sun.

I’d long to model for a photographer’s lense,
both fashionably and showing much skin.
Perhaps I can even get a hot role in a film
the kind that some call a sin.

After that week the tough choices come,
what to do with the fem that’s unleashed?
Will suppression rein, amidst very much pain,
or do I change realizing my goal has been reached?

by heather
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Thank You for accepting my application and allowing me the privilege of entering the interior of Your site. It has indeed had a profound effect on my psyche. i view myself as transgendered, and i have been progressing along the… Read more “jamie”

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