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Thank you to the Staff at Sissify and all of the girls here, especially those who are my friends.
Every morning i spend two hours dressed fully fem and looking for chat with respected friends on Sissify chat, before… Read more “joanne”

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sissy andrea
1 month ago

great comic sis loved the drawings, sis loves short skirts with a glimpes of panties

victoria nicole
5 months ago

wish that could happen to me

6 months ago

this slut has a short skirt and a see through blouse.Whe she is dressed she feels wonderful and erotic and special.
But another trun on for me is if she was commanded to be dressed by a dominant Mistress

6 months ago

I would love to have a sexy skirt like that

7 months ago

Wow only thing missing is cute panties peeking out ,or him over her lap getting spanked with his skirt up

victoria nicole
7 months ago

love it wish i had an outfit like that

9 months ago

This sissy has almost the same pink skirt <3 <3 <3
And this sissy loves it soooooooo much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

1 year ago

this sissy thinks this was a cute story and she know it feels good thanks for sharing this . kisses

1 year ago

What sweet comic!

Reply to  jade
1 year ago

yes sissy jade this sissy thought it was really cute also

1 year ago

Oh my this sissy longs to stand on front of Mistress in a short skirt barely covering this sissies little plums and clitty