Talking Dirty
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The House is there like a beacon in the darkness.  You have done, and are doing, so much for the community and this sissy is very grateful.

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princess jimmie
1 month ago

Mistress sometimes calls sissy a slut, but mostly She calls sissy Her slave.

5 months ago

Tie me up and do what you will, this sissy loves the idea of bondage

11 months ago

wow this sissy got envy feeling over this so sexy wish it was this sissy

1 year ago


Absolutely it

1 year ago

this sissy loved the story very much, s.he loves the idea of being forced, tied up is the ultimate turn on.

sissy courtney
1 year ago

Mmm, yes please!

brandie love
2 years ago

Watch with a dildo, while your sissy clitty drips. That is exactly what this sissy would have done!

2 years ago

that was exciting, great drawings, this sissy was surprised with the bondage and loved it.

2 years ago

Talking dirty is such an important part or eroticism in this humble sissy’s opinion. The brain is the most powerful erogenous zone. I respectfully look forward to a Superior using dirty talk as part of my ongoing training.

tiffy doll
2 years ago

Loved the drawings, and “talking dirty” is such a turn on. Milady Chelle really knows how to push tiffy’s buttons and shove this slut over the edge with a few well chosen words. — giggles