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Blue Irises

By Jenni Fillan

Giving a last look at the address in the letter, I went up to the door of the rather large house and knocked on it. A blonde woman, wearing a red business suit and white blouse eventually opened the door and looked at me appraisingly. After a minute she said ‘you’ll do nicely’, and stepped back to let me in.

‘Come with me’ she said, and taking my hand firmly led me up a set of stairs into a bedroom, obviously a woman’s, with attractive if austere curtains, a makeup table, various chairs and a large bed in the center. A slight smell of scent was in the air, coming from the articles on the makeup table. She positioned me firmly in front of a large mirror by the table, and said simply

‘Remove your clothes’.

I unbuttoned my shirt, removed my shoes and sock, and slid my pants to the floor. Reaching over, she slid my underpants down abruptly and said

‘I hope you’re clean’.

I nodded.

She stepped back from me and inspected me. Then she went over to a bureau, and opening various drawers, took out a number of different undergarments. Placing them neatly on the bed beside me, making sure everything she needed was there, she started.

‘Panties’ she said, and took from the stack a pair of lace-topped white underpants. ‘Step in’, she said, bending down to hold them in front of me near the floor. I put my feet into the thin underpants. She slid them up my legs, around my penis and up to my waist. Involuntarily, I felt myself becoming erect. She slipped a finger under the waistband of the panties and straightened out a curl in the elastic with a deft motion of her fingers.

‘Bra’ she said, and took a white padded brassiere from the bed. ‘Arms out’, and as I stretched my arms forward she slid the bra over my arms and against my chest, looking at me intently with her gray eyes. I looked back at her, straightening myself slightly. The slightest hint of a smile teased the corners of her lips, and then was gone. She stepped behind me, and quickly drew the bra straps together behind my back and fastened them. I looked down to admire it, it was a wellmade and rather pretty one. Instinctively, I pushed out my chest slightly.

‘Slip next’, she said, and took from the bed a rose-colored full slip with thin shoulder straps and a delicate inch of lace around the bottom and the top. Without being told, I put my arms forward again, and she slid the slip over my arms. It felt cool, like a breeze after swimming. I felt it glide over my face and shoulders, the lace and smooth fabric brushing my eyes and lips as it travelled over my body. The bodice fell neatly over my brassiere and I suddenly felt the lace at the bottom brushing my calves.

‘Right’, she said, and putting two hands around my waist, positioned me by the bed. Taking a dark red garter belt from the diminishing pile beside me she reached under my slip and fastened it around my waist, centering it with slight jerking motions as the straps and fasteners tapped against my legs. Pushing me gently but firmly on the stomach, she sat me down on the side of the bed. Taking a stocking from beside me, she pulled it up over her two thumbs with her fingers and, sitting to one side of me, inserted my left toe into the stocking. She unrolled it over my leg, stretching it tightly as she went up under my slip to my thighs. I rocked slightly to allow her access to the garter straps, supporting myself on my right hand as she strapped the stocking onto the fastener. Taking the other stocking, she repeated the process. I could smell her hair as she sat beside me, her hands at my thighs while she fastened the remaining stocking. She brushed one hand briefly against my penis behind its silken covering, now slightly wet, then withdrew her hands and stood up.

‘Over here’, she said, motioning to the makeup table.

I sat at a chair in front of the makeup table. She walked to a closet and, reaching up, took down an attractive brunette wig with mid-backlength hair. Coming behind me, she pulled the wig over my forehead and then backwards, and I felt its strands tickling my shoulders and back. Taking a brush from the table, she pushed me gently forward and brushed my hair with firm downward strokes, behind, at the sides, and then in the front. She looked in the mirror at me, and I saw her nod slightly, as if I was fitting some picture she had had in her mind. She slid a hand down my shoulders and onto my right breast, and then took her hand away.

‘Looks good’, she said quietly.

She took makeup from the table in turns, a touch of foundation, then blusher, eyeshadow and liner, and used them on my face with one hand while steadying her other against my forehead. Then she handed me a lipstick and mascara.

‘You can do these yourself, I’m sure’, she said. I applied the mascara, blinking my eyelashes in turn into the coated brush, and then sliding it back into its container. I drew the lipstick over my lips, peaking it slightly on the top as I usually do, and then blotted it with a tissue from the table. She was watching me closely.



‘A girl’, she stated flatly, nodding and looking at my reflection. I also was looking at myself. For all the times I have seen myself in the mirror, the image of myself as woman never stays with me and always surprises me. I do well, though, many of my friends have expressed envy.

Come here’, she said almost wearily. ‘Pick out a pair of shoes and a dress’. Surprised at this bit of freedom as well as by her tone, I went over to the closet where she was standing. Against a side wall was a neat array of seven or eight pairs of shoes. I chose an appropriate pair, avoiding the longer heels, and standing on one foot then another put them on, sliding their small leather straps over my stockinged feet. Standing straight again, I walked over to the mirror, feeling the new perspective that high heels give and wondering slightly how she had managed to ascertain my shoe size. From the five or six dresses hanging in the closet I chose a slightly formal looking calf-lengthed burgundy dress with a white lace collar. I stepped into it and she zipped up the back. Feeling complete, I looked critically in the mirror as she watched me, then looked away. She was biting her lower lip in thought. I turned to face her and spread out my skirt in front of her with my fingers, raising my eyebrows questioningly. ‘No, it’s not that’, she said. ‘You look fine’. She glanced to the side again, and then walked to me, almost shyly. ‘You look beautiful’.

She looked deeply into my eyes, and then slowly, eyes straight ahead, kneeled in front of me. Placing her hands on my legs she slowly slid them up along my stockings and over my thighs until she reached the waistband of my panties. Glancing up at me, she slipped a finger under the lace on each side and pulled the underpants down as far as the garters allowed. My cock came forward and jutted against the slip and dress, and she moved the front of the dress and slip up and over it. Moving closer with her knees, she took my penis in one hand and brought her mouth next to its head. A slight drop of liquid was at its tip, and opening her mouth she reached out with her tongue and licked it off with a small circling motion. Then, sliding her other hand around my buttocks she pressed and moved my cock slowly into her mouth. I felt the warm wetness encircle that most tender part of me and I involuntarily let out a short gasp. Three, four times, she took me deeply into her mouth and then back out again, the head of my cock tensing as it parted her lips and moved along her tongue. But then she quickly backed off and, sliding my panties back up over me, straightened my slip and dress. Standing up, she threw back her hair with a quick motion of her head, and took a breath.

‘Not yet’, she said. ‘Come with me.’

She took me by the hand and led me towards the door of the bedroom. Pausing by the makeup table by the door, she picked up a bottle of perfume, opened it, and shook a few drops onto her fingers. She then ran her fingers along the side of my neck, and I felt the cool scent evaporating on my skin and smelt its sharp sweetness. She then did the same to herself, and opening the door, led me out into the hallway.

We went down the hall, past many doors, taking corners, then down two flights of stairs, my heels clicking against the hardwood flooring between carpets as I walked. I had a feeling I was being led to a basement, and began to feel slightly apprehensive. She opened a door at the bottom of the stairs, and I was relieved to see just another bedroom with a large canopied bed in the center. There were no windows, just soft table lamps at the head of the bed. She went to a telephone that sat on one of the tables and picked it up, looking upwards and raising her eyebrows in the strange way people do while waiting on the telephone. After a few seconds I heard a faint click, and she said into it

‘Come in now.’

I looked over to another door at the opposite side of the bedroom, wondering who would emerge from it. I heard slow steps, then the handle turned. A man walked in slowly, looking first at me and then at the woman. He was shorter than me by an inch or two, but very broadly built, with large hands and feet and a short mustache. Standing in the center of the room, he stopped and clasped his hands in front of himself, alternately looking at the woman, and then at me. The woman was looking at me, perhaps to gauge my reaction, but I had none, except perhaps a slight chill of nervousness or anticipation in my stomach. She turned back to the man.

‘Fuck her’, she said. He looked at her blankly, his eyebrows lowered.

‘I said, Fuck. Her.’, she repeated, annunciating the syllables distinctly.

He looked confused, for a second I wondered if he was mentally deficient. Then he looked at me, and the confusion vanished from his face. Walking towards me, he stretched out a hand and cupped my left breast. Reaching around my back with his other hand, he walked me backwards until I felt the bed behind my legs, and sat down on the edge of it.

The woman unbuttoned her blouse, small fingers working each button downwards, and then she dropped it to the floor. She undid the belt of her skirt, and slid it downwards, stepping out of it. Sitting on the bed beside me in her slip, she swung her legs onto the bed. She lay me backwards by laying a hand on my chest, and then reaching under my dress she undid the straps to my stockings.

The man took off his shirt to reveal a massive and hairy chest and strong arms. He then undid the buckle to his pants, and slid them down to the floor. Completely naked, his cock stood out like a thick tree from a hair-covered cliff. He reached down and ran his hands up my stockings, taking my dress and slip along with them, until he reached the top of my panties. Clumsily, he grabbed them at the sides and pulled them off of me. Then he put his hands at my knees and quickly spread my legs apart.

‘Wait’, said the woman, and reached over the bed to one of the tables. She came back with a tube of hand lotion, and squeezed some of it into her hand. Then she grasped his penis and lubricated it with the lotion. The man started breathing heavily and his cock straightened out even more. Drawing her hand away and sitting back by my side, the woman nodded to him.

He reached down and grabbed my ankles, one in each hand, and drew my legs up over his shoulders. I felt myself arching my back and I let out a shivering breath, thinking of what was going to happen. He took a small step closer to me and moved his hips slightly. With a slight shock I felt the warm point of his cock against the entrance to my asshole, my only vagina. His thick hands slid beneath my buttocks, and he grabbed me firmly. Very slowly, he pushed his cock hard against me and then into me. I felt the head of his penis parting me largely, then entering me slowly. I was breathing quickly, clenching my teeth and then opening my mouth to let the breath out, shaking. He continued to travel into me and I felt the large tip of him moving deeply into me, then he slowly withdrew. His second thrust was quicker but just as deep, I could feel him plunge into me until his hard groin pressed against the space between my legs. He set up a rhythm, grabbing my buttocks and thrusting in, then pushing me back as he withdrew, each time almost completely out, then again parting me with a deep penetration. He started to pant, a low noise coming from his throat with each push.

The woman, her left hand pressing down at my breasts, lifted my dress up further and exposed my small but erect cock. She licked my stomach while her hand ran over my chest, then licked the head of my penis. As the man kept up his rhythmic plunges, she lay her head on my stomach and took my cock into her mouth, enveloping it with warm wetness. With her other hand she pulled up her slip and worked her panties down off of her legs, then reached her fingers into her crotch and started rubbing slowly, tensing her back and letting out quick breaths. I was beyond thought now, aware only of my body, the penis thrusting and moving far into me, the woman’s mouth at the head of my cock, the man’s firm groin pressing rhythmically against my ass. He seemed to be almost shouting now with each push, ‘ah, ah, ah’. The woman was rubbing herself more quickly and moving her mouth and tongue rapidly on my cock. Suddenly, with a great groan, the man came violently, pushing me backwards with a giant thrust into me. I felt the hot sperm jetting into me and his cock tensing as he emptied himself inside me, his groin jerking against my ass. His orgasm inside me excited me tremendously and I came hotly and forcefully inside the woman’s mouth, feeling her tongue moving as she swallowed. This in turn must have excited her for she started to twist her body and gasp loudly, her mouth loosening around my cock as she groaned. Then she made a long and forceful exhalation and her thin body suddenly jerked in orgasm, her left hand clutching my dress while her right hand moved between her legs.

The man had slowed down meanwhile, his cock moving within me with a easy slickness because of his sperm. Then he gently came out of me, and I felt a quickly cooling wetness run out of me and down my buttocks onto the bed. The woman lay with her head on my stomach for a few seconds, and breathed deeply two or three times. She turned her head and looked at the man, and he met her eyes for a few seconds in some secret communication, his expression unchanging. Then she turned and looked at me, and I saw in her eyes a look of distant and fearful love.

She got off of the bed, the man gathered up his clothes and shambled out of the room. I stood up and reached down for my panties, pulling them up around me.

‘Let me help you, sweet one’, she said, still not smiling, but without the stern tone from before. She kneeled in front of me once again and helped me fasten my stockings to the garters. Standing again, she produced a brush and straightened my hair, flipping it off of my shoulders with a quick motion and running the brush through it in strong downward sweeps.

‘You can keep the clothes’ she said. ‘Do you want your others back?’

I said no, and she nodded.

‘You can go out this way,’ she said, motioning to the door the man had entered with. ‘Thank you.’

I took a last look at her, standing in her slip, and went through the door. It opened out into a short hallway. At the other end a door with bright frosted panes was promising a sunny day. On a table by the side of the door was a piece of paper loosely wrapped around 11 brilliantly blue irises, some of them still tightly furled. My requested payment.

I gathered them up with a smile, and walked out onto the new, bright street.

The End

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