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The Feminization Story. A favorite of so many of our girls. Through the decades, We’ve been able to curate one of the largest, and most erotic collection on the ‘net here at the House of Sissify.

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discipline is the key to submission

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"More -- More -- don't stop -- make me cum!", she screamed. Her sweat-covered body was being driven into a frenzy by Becky, her sister-in-law whose tongue was dancing on her clit like a violinist dancing on his strings ...

Just Business

I found this story published on the net, on some silly “people in distress” discussion group. Since it used the trademarked name of the House of Sissify, our search engine automatically found it, and of course, I had it deleted within 60 seconds of its original posting ...

Trust Me

I gloried in imagining that my Monica was as delighted and entranced as I was when I was dressed to look like a woman, even turned on by it. ...
So you want to be a girl?

Letter to the Staff

I think you should know how my signing on with you has changed my life. I know I'm happier now by far, but that isn't up to me any more. My girlfriend now owns me and she's so satisfied with me that finally she has decided to marry me. But ours hasn't exactly been a typical romance. I'd better tell you about it ...

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Listen to your Superior!


"When I woke up everything was different!"


How some lucky girls become maids, sissies and sluts.

Romper Room

Age regression, baby. Koochie koo!

Mind Control

"You will now become my sissy sex slave..."

Life: Strange as Fiction

Personal accounts of feminization.
Caught You!


Caught you!

Bad Girls

Doing the shemale nasty.

discipline is the key to submission

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  1. Pauline

    I was fully en femme, at home in the kitchen of my maisonette, trying some self-bondage. And then it happened – not someone coming in, no, nothing so simple. What happened was that the safety link in the ropes around my chest (or perhaps I should say, just under my bosom) gave way, and the ropes tightened completely.

    So, there I was, standing there, shaved, panties, suspenders, seamed stockings, high heels, corset, bra, breastforms glued on, white blouse, black mini skirt, black wig, false eyelashes, full makeup, and tied tight around my ankles, my knees, wrists tied to opposing arms and a rope from my wrist ties going to a leather collar around my neck through the ropes around my bosom.

    What could I do ? I couldn’t move eacept a few mincing steps, my stilleto heels making a clatter on the floor (my downstairs neighbour, a hospital nurse, was probably trying to sleep through the noise at 2am).

    If only I had another safety mechanism ! Or better, if I had been tied by a Master or a Mistress. But no. And if I called out, everything about me would be revealed.

    I managed to hobble across to the kitchen utensil drawer. (The vibrating dildo in my bottom was stimulating me so much that perspiration was dripping from my forehead.) After a rest of about 15 minutes (and about 50 million orgasms), I managed to open the drawer and with my delicately nail-vanished fingernails, identified a sharp pair of scissors. It took me another twenty minutes (and yet more orgasms) to cut one of the ropes, just before my fingers and wrists went numb.

    After a further 30 minutes, I was free !

    The pity was that I would have paid a small fortune to have had a video made of me, but I hadn’t anticipated being so securely bound. I resolved that, in future, someone else could tie me up and then use me. After undressing down to my lingerie, I fell asleep on the bed. I had a lot of tidying up and laundry to do before my wife returned home the following evening.

  2. patty cake

    Last night it finally happened. i spent the day drinking and smoking weed at a friends house. although he is a homophobe he said he was going to hook me up. wow did he! shortly after we started our party there was a knock at the door… an interacial lezbian couple who he had mentioned my addiction to wearing panties daily…. there were ews and ahs and before long we were all stoned and laughing… then it happened like it was prewritten and agreed upon…. they gave me a makeover and helped me into a beautiful new zebra print bra and panty set complete with d cup glue on breast forms. Decorba, the dominant black female kissed me then reapplied my lipstick and grinned saying,”me and Amber were wondering if we could watch your little sissy ass suck a real mans cock… drunk stoned dressed and happy i replied, sure! why not if he’s big enough you can watch me bend over and film him butt fucking me until i cum in my new panties too… like it was a joke that would never happen. Jonathan my homophobe friend exclaimed, “what a fucking faggot!” then stormed out. i thought he was leaving but instead he called one of his buddies. a giant hulk of a man. the girls teased saying they wanted some pictures of me tied facedown over the kitchen table…. drunk me,” yeah yeah just blow me another shot gun and kiss me first. 10 minutes latter i was face down in my new panty set with my cammi and tennis skirt bunched at my waiste. then it happened. the door bell rang and someone turned on a video recorder. oh my god that man had the biggest fattest cock i’ve ever seen…..this morning my leggs are still wobbly from the most violent monster fucking i have ever had… he should have been a porn star no kidding he pumped that dick of his in and out of my mouth and throat like it was a pussy and unloaded the sweetest load of cum down my throat… it took 10 minutes before he could even get the head of his cock in me but after that he fucked me so hard a absolujtely couldn.’t keep from screaming… the pain felt so good and when i felt him cum deep in my ass the girls moved the cam under me to film the quicly spreading zoppy wet puddle of my own cum forming in the front of my new panties…. i am one happy bitch! thank you, mr homophobe!!

  3. Jennifer

    I was enjoying my evening in wearing my school girls uniform, when the front door opened and my wife’s girlfriend caught me! Oh that’s nice, does she know? Oh no! please don’t tell. Oh well do as I say!!!!!!

  4. LoveSissyCock

    Now I have Carrie. A 5 foot 5 black sissy with a big cock. She doesn’t do dom so she is training me to be a sissy. She told me to sign up here and on getgirlie and club sissy so that I can learn to be a real sissy. I told her I just want to suck sissy cock and she said the best cock was a macho man’s cock. That once I dressed as a sissy ans acted as a sissy and sucked a real man’s throbbing cock that I would be satisfied.

  5. paulette

    me gustaria encontrar un trabajo como ayudante de sirvienta, en una casa donde vivan solo mujeres latinas. mi sueldo seria 5.00 dollares por hora., en el area de souther california. eso me serviria de practica para el comportamiento de mujer que tanto necesito, aprender.(619)931-3437 pregunte por paulette. gracias.

  6. joyce

    Well had this neighbor who always seem interested in what was going on in my house, so I expect made it a piont to have my sexy panties on and went to his front door to ask for a cup of sugar.
    When I got yo the steps of his front door I knocked on the door and what I did not expect was for him to 2nd guess me. when the door swung open, Gene was standing there buck naked, his huge cock just swinging around in my face. an awesome sight for this poor sissy who was looking for that very first cock to suck. he had a shit eaten look on his face.

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