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part 1

by stephanie

Jim yawned and glanced at the clock, It was almost 9.00 pm. Overtime was all well and good, but he would like to get home once in a while. Across the sterile room Dr Anne Chamberlain was finishing the latest batch of samples. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see Jim yawn again.

“Am I keeping you up, Jim?” she said, smiling.

“Sorry Anne, what exactly is that batch designed to do?”

A small grin slipped across her face. “It’s a secret, if it works you’ll be the first to know.”

Jim gave up, it was obvious she was not going to share her secret. Jim had a fair idea what it was, for months Dr Chamberlain had been working on a project to rewrite a persons’ DNA via a benign virus. The advantages were obvious, any defect in a persons DNA could be repaired. At the extreme end Dr Chamberlain hoped that the process could extend life, or at least remove the worst excesses of age, to help her Jim had been hired as an assistant six months ago.

“You go on home, Jim. I’m almost finished here.”

“Thanks doctor, see ya tomorrow.” Jim left the sterile area and went through decomtam.

Only when he had left the lab did Anne open up an airtight container. In the container was a small vial of blood. She opened the vial and added one drop of a colorless solution. She then sealed it and sent it upstairs for a chromozone analysis. She had already done one analysis on the blood, which had yielded a perfectly normal result for a human male. For the experiments both Anne and Jim had supplied small amounts of blood, it saved the hassle of obtaining some through official channels.

The result reached her desk next day just before lunch. It showed the chromozones of a human female, an exact match for Anne’s niece. Anne remembered the trouble she had to get through to get blood from her, eventually she persuaded her 17 year old niece to show her how she drew samples of blood from patients. Julie, the niece, was thinking of a medical career.

Anne leaned back in her chair and smiled, it WOULD work, not just the minor changes she had been working with till now, a full body change was possible. All she needed now was a test subject. She was under no illusion that she would be able to get one in an official program. But she had to test this now, and she had a test subject in mind. She realised there was no way a 25 year old male would allow this to be done to him. But, she thought, since the change takes only a few minutes I could test it on him and turn him back while he was unconcious. The only problem was how to knock him out.

part 2

“But its saturday Dr Chamberlain!” said Jim in an pained voice.

“Yes, I’m sorry Jim, but my experiment is at a critical point. I’ll show you what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.”

Just remember the overtime, Jim thought to himself. “Okay, I’ll be there in about half an hour.”

Jim walked through the deserted building up to the lab, put on the clean suit and entered the sterile room. Where was Anne? She was always here, when at work. As he looked around he started feeling faint, he tried to make it back to the exit but collapsed unconcious before he could get there.

Anne had watched him enter on the security cameras, and rushed up as soon as he entered the lab. She suited up and put a respirator on then entered the lab. Anne reached under the main bench and switched off the cylinder of anasthetic, then switched the ventilatos to full.

She rolled jim onto his side and pulled off his clean suit, underneath he was wearing his jeans and shirt. The anasthetic should give me ten minutes, she thought as she rolled up his sleeve and injected one of the two clear vials into his arm. The DNA virus was spread around his body and immediately set to work rewritting his genetic makeup.

In front of Anne’s astounded eyes, Jim’s features began to soften, his strong jaw covered in stubble became smooth and more feminine, his nose became petite and cute. His hair turned blonde and grew longer. In seconds his face was that of Anne’s niece, but some- thing else had grabbed Anne’s attention, his shirt had grown tight as two magnificent breasts had quickly pushed their way out of his now hairless chest. The shirt could contain them no longer and several buttons popped off to reveal two soft white round globes of flesh with prominent nipples.

Anne looked down at Jim’s jeans, they were much tighter around the hips but looser in the crotch, a quick feel confirmed that Jim was now a girl where it counted.

Anne realised that her time was running out and she would have to turn him back now. She pulled out the second vial and injected it into the petite feminine arm, so unlike the hairy muscular one he’d had a few minutes before.

She waited a few minutes but was shocked to realise he wasn’t changing back! What had gone wrong, she thought franticly. Suddenly the answer sprang into her mind, the first virus was resisting the second. It was a simple enough problem to get round but it would take time, more time than she had. She heard a small feminine groan, Jim was coming round!

Now what was she going to do!

part 3

Jim slowly woke up. Where was he? Why did he feel so groggy? He managed to crack open his eyes and look up. A blur in front of his face resolved into Dr Anne Chamberlain looking very worried.

“Are you all right, Jim? Don’t speak, there was a cracked valve on a bottle of anaesthesia. I saw you go down as I got here, are you in any pain?”

Jim managed to shake his head feebly, he felt the rustle of something soft by his ears as he did so. Anne must have put a jumper or something under my head he thought. He felt slightly alarmed when he noticed Anne still looked very worried, she noticed him looking and managed a nervous smile.

Anne looked down at the beautiful young girl looking up at her. How am I going to explain what I did to him? He would be absolutely furious. An idea sprung into her head, if it was an accident then he wouldn’t be mad at her, she could turn him back and he wouldn’t tell the authorities. She slipped one of the empty vials in her hand on the floor and kneeled on it. Jim didn’t seem to hear the small crack as the vial shattered.

“Umm, Jim there is another problem. Relax it will be okay. Its the reason I asked you to come in today. I’ve made a major breakthrough in my DNA altering virus. I had prepared several vials which should allow a full body transformation.”

The realisation of what she had discovered caused Jim to forget his weak state. This is what Anne had been working towards for years, but why was she telling him this now while he was still barely conscious from the gas?

Anne continued. “When you fell over you hit the bench and smashed one of the vials.” She held up half a broken vial for Jim to see. “And it totally transformed you, don’t worry, its totally reversible.” I hope, she silently added.

Jim was suddenly fully awake. No wonder I feel so odd, he thought. Who am I now, well I can’t have transformed into myself and the only other person Anne is close to is her boyfriend, I must be him. No wonder she’s looking at me so oddly. Paul, her boyfriend was the same age as Anne, 40 and was very handsome from what Jim could remember of the few times they had met.

Anne swallowed, here comes the difficult bit, she thought. “The vial you fell on was based on the DNA of my 17 year old niece, I’m sorry Jim, you’re now her twin.”

Jim’s face was now of one of absolute shock, his full feminine lips parted and he whispered in a weak whisper, “No!” He immediately realised his voice was high pitched and feminine, with all his strength he lifted his hand to his chest and found something impossible there.

Two big, soft, sensitive, impossible things.

His hand slipped inside his open shirt and he felt his large breast. HIS BREAST! It wasn’t some fake, he could feel his hand on it as well. His nipple responded to the attention and sprang erect. When he was with his girlfriend he loved to play with her tits but now he had tits of his own. I’m built better than my girlfriend now, he realised.

Anne coughed and Jim jumped and took his hand away from his breasts. “Your shirt couldn’t handle your new equipment, put this jumper of mine on till we get home.”

Jim, still feeling very woozy, focused on the jumper. It was bright pink, He’d never wear anything like that normally. But he didn’t have much choice now, it was that or display his new breasts to the world. Anne quickly and efficiently undid the buttons that had not popped off and removed the shirt. He deliberately avoided looking at his breasts, but he could feel them there swaying and bobbing with the slightest movements. Anne helped him pull the snug jumper over his head. Anne then pulled his long hair out of the back of his jumper and he realised he had a lot more on top than usual.

Anne pulled the jumper down, it was a much snugger fit on Jim’s large breasts than on her own body. The fabric was stretched and if you looked, as all men would of course, you could clearly see Jim’s nipples. Matters were not helped by Jim’s breasts becoming aroused by the feel of the jumper on them. She just hoped they wouldn’t run into security on the way out. I’d never be able to explain why I was dragging a half conscious girl through the complex, she thought.

She carefully lifted Jim to his feet and slowly eased him out of the lab and down the corridor. Jim was amazed by the ease with which she had lifted him, then he remembered he was probably much lighter than before. He noticed that Anne seemed to be slightly taller than him, whereas before he was a good six inches smaller. They finally made it to a side exit where Anne helped him into a seat.

“I’ll go and bring the car around. I’ll only be gone five minutes, okay?” Without waiting for an answer Anne rushed out the door.

Jim rested his head on the wall and closed his eyes, still very groggy from the anaesthetic. This was just wasn’t happening, he must have had to much to drink last night and this was some drunken nightmare.

“Are you all right?”

Oh shit! A security guard! He opened his eyes and looked at the guard, he was over fifty and overweight. “I-I’m waiting for my uh..aunt.” Jim was again shocked by his high and feminine voice.

The guard looked at Jim, she’s on drugs, he thought. “Who’s your aunt, miss?”

Jim was momentarily surprised at being called miss but managed to blurt out “Anne Chamberlain. She’s taking me home, I was at a party last night.” He managed to smile weakly at the guard. The guard didn’t notice having just realised Jim was not wearing a bra. Jim saw the guard mentally undressing him and felt very uncomfortable, how am I going to deal with this?

Fortunately Anne burst in through the doors at that moment and froze when she saw the guard.

“Have you got the car Auntie? I still feel very hungover.”

Anne gave Jim an odd look, but she quickly got the hint. “Well that’ll teach you for drinking too much, come on lets get you home.” She helped Jim to his feet and moved him out the door. Jim was infinitely thankful that the guard just opened the door and didn’t offer to support Jim, he was sure the guard would feel him up.

Jim climbed into the passenger seat, feeling his breasts jostle in his jumper. His hips felt wider and his bottom larger and softer, but he absolutely refused to think about what lay between his thighs. Anne secured Jim’s seatbelt, the strap coming between his magnificent breasts. It felt much more uncomfortable than wearing a seat belt as a man.

“You okay Jim?” Anne said from the driving seat.

“Yeah, I feel so tired”

“Well the change was very stressful on your body, it needs to rest.” She put one hand on his knee “I promise you I can reverse it, a day at most and you’ll be back to your normal self.”

The drive back was mostly a blur to Jim, Anne was right he felt totally exhausted.

Anne pulled into her drive and into her garage, she looked over at Jim and saw he was dozing. Anne found it impossible to believe that this beautiful young woman was really a fairly muscular man. Anne went round to the other side of the car and helped Jim out, she took him upstairs to her bedroom. She carefully laid him on the bed. “Jim, you just rest here as long as you need. Give me a call when you wake up, okay?”

Jim nodded drowsily and Anne left quietly. Before sleep overcame him Jim wondered what would happen if Anne couldn’t change him back. To be stuck in a buxom woman’s body for life, to have men lusting after his body. The idea struck him with fear and a strange excitement. Before he could worry about it further he slipped into a deep sleep.

part 4

It was over five hours before Jim finally awoke. He yawned and slowly opened his eyes. His first thought was why is the ceiling a different color? He realised he must be in someone else’s bedroom, how did he get here. He had a vague memory of a car journey and something about having tits. Some dream, except…


Suddenly he was totally awake and sat up. The first thing he saw was an extremely well endowed girl in her late teens sitting on a bed opposite, it was of course, the dressing table mirror.

He looked down to see his two large breasts straining the fabric of Anne’s jumper. He slid off the bed and stood in front of the mirror. So this is what Anne’s niece looks like he thought. I could really go for her. Except he was her.

He raised his hands in front of his face and studied them. They were refined and seemed impossible small compared to his broad callused hands he was used to. The nails were long and carefully manicured. He ran his hands over his hips, they seemed huge, child bearing hips he realised. The idea that he could now get pregnant and give birth filled him with fear. He suddenly felt hot and he reached down to pull off his jumper. He reached down and pulled the it up, it caught on his huge breasts and he had to ease each one out before he could remove the jumper.

Now for the first time he had a clear view of his large mammaries, the size of his nipples surprised him, they were dark brown and very inviting. He cupped a breast in each hand and felt their heavy weight with a queasy feeling. The pressure of his dainty hands on his large nipples caused them to become aroused again. A wave of sexual arousal swept through his body. He looked in the mirror and watched the young woman slowly rub her huge nipples. He trapped his nipples in-between his fingers and moaned from the feeling. He imagined himself with this girl feeling her breasts until she begged to be fucked. A small part of his mind reminded him that he was now the girl but he was past caring. He felt his groin become aroused but instead of his usual pumping hardness he felt a dampness. He undid his jeans and pushed them off his hips, they and his underpants fell to the floor and Jim was revealed in all his feminine glory.

God, I’m beautiful, he thought staring at the angel in the mirror. Hesitantly he moved his hand to his strange new equipment. He ran his fingers over his silky lips and slipped one finger into vagina. The feeling was utterly alien, and totally erotic. He pushed his finger in up to his knuckle and gasped again. He began to caress his clitoris and his knees almost gave way from the assault of pleasure.

He collapsed on the bed and began working his cunt with gusto, he brought one hand back to his breasts and began to knead them in his desperate need for release. Suddenly it broke over him like a huge tidal wave and he screamed his shear delight as he had his best orgasm of his life.

It reached an intensity he could not believe and did not die away as quickly as his male orgasms used to. He lay there on the bed and gently rubbed his clit and his nipples, maybe being a woman for a day wouldn’t be so bad. It was a once in a lifetime experience and when Anne turned him back tomorrow he might have learned how to please his girlfriend more.

There was a gentle knock on the door, “Jim? Are you all right?”

Jim couldn’t help laughing quietly, though it came out as giggles. Anne had obviously thought he’d screamed at waking up in a girl’s body. At least that’s what he hoped Anne thought. ” Yeah, I’m fine just wasn’t expecting what I saw when I woke up.” Dear God he thought how am I going to get used to this voice?

“Can I come in?”

He quickly scrambled into his jeans and jumper. He didn’t bother with the underpants and kicked them under the bed out of the way. Jim opened the door and looked at Anne’s concerned face. He smiled, “It still feels very odd, My hips seem massive and these move at the slightest movement” He glanced down.

“I might be able to help there.” She said and handed him a small bag. He looked inside and pulled out a small mass of white satin and lace, he untangled it and his jaw dropped. “A BRA!”

“Well you do need it, if only for today. Do you want me to help you put it on?”

Jim was still shocked, as a man he wouldn’t mind going topless but he didn’t want to show his breasts even to another woman. He noticed he had thought ‘another woman’ and thought I’m glad I’ll be out of this body tomorrow or I might start fancying men. “Well…. I don’t know”

“Don’t worry Jim. It’s not like I haven’t seen a pair of breasts before is it?” She led him back into her bedroom and helped him off with his jumper. She slid his arms into the straps and made him lean forward so his breasts fell into the cups, then she fastened the bra and Jim stood up.

He stared at his reflection open mouthed. The bra was beautiful and they held and cosseted his breasts perfectly. He tried to analyse his feelings. he was in his bosses bedroom wearing a bra and it felt….. wonderful. He felt uncomfortable with the thought and pushed it out of his mind. Where had she got the bra? Anne didn’t have small breasts, but they were no where near the size of his. He asked her.

“Well, I thought You’d feel better if they weren’t flopping about all over the place. And I felt guilty for what happened to you so I went out and got it. It might feel odd for you to wear a bra, but it helps doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, thanks. It beautiful.” Anne thought that was a bit odd coming from a man. Perhaps his female chemistry was affecting his mind in subtle ways. She longed to study Jim’s behavior more closely, but the first priority was to find a way to reverse the transformation. Then she could research it at her leisure.

“Look, I’m going to have to pull an all nighter at the lab to produce a virus capable of reversing this. Will you be alright on your own?” She opened her wardrobe and pulled out a pair of her own jeans and a loose blouse she guessed might be able to contain Jim’s breasts. “If your jeans aren’t comfortable try these on. We’re about the same size now. There’s plenty of food in the fridge. Don’t answer the door, I’ll put the answer phone on, so listen in case I phone you.”

“Don’t worry there is no way I’m answering the door looking like this.”

“Alright, I should be back sometime early tomorrow, so relax, we’ll soon have you back to your normal self.”

Jim smiled back and before he knew it Anne was out the door and down the street in her car.

He slipped out of his jeans and stood just wearing his bra. He buttoned the blouse. Slightly confused at first because the buttons were on the other side of the blouse than on his shirts. It fitted, just.

He was about to slip on his jeans when a mischievous thought crossed his mind. He smiled and started going through Anne’s drawers. He quickly found her lingerie draw and sorted out a pair of white panties, he chose a frilly pair similar in design to his bra. He slowly drew them up his satiny smooth legs and they fitted snugly around his new crotch. He looked in the mirror and saw the slight female bulge under his panties that always turned him on. He found it almost impossible to believe it now belonged to him.

Finally he put on Anne’s jeans, they were very tight and Jim admired the way they showed off his cute butt and wide hips. He looked in the mirror and realised he was one sexy woman. The thought made him feel odd. He hunted around for some shoes and found a pair of trainers, which seemed impossibly small but would easily fit his small dainty feet. He was about to put them on when he noticed some high heeled shoes, he had always admired the wiggle they gave a woman and couldn’t resist trying them on. He slipped them on and tried to do the sexy walk he saw women do every day. His first attempt almost broke his ankles, and after five minutes the best he had managed was a drunken waddle. Maybe it wasn’t as easy as it looked so he switched back to his trainers and wandered down stairs for something to eat.

As Anne drove back to the research institute she had the nagging feeling she had forgotten something important, she racked her brains for a few minutes but couldn’t remember. Jim’s problems kept intruding and she soon became involved in trying to solve it.

Jim was in the process of putting together a sandwiche, when he heard a key in the front door. Anne must have forgotten her laptop or something. He heard the door open and a male voice call out, “Are you ready yet, Anne? The film starts in half an hour.”

Jim was terrified, that’s Paul her boyfriend! She forgot a date!

There was no way he could get upstairs without Paul seeing him. He would just have to face him and explain his presence.

Gathering up his nerves he stepped into the hall.


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