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DNA – Chapter Two


part 5

Jim had never been so terrified, he had always prided himself on being able to face any situation but some reason having to face Anne’s boyfriend in this body was far worse than the time he had been drawn into a brawl at a bar years before.

As he rounded the corner into the hall Paul looked up obviously expecting Anne, his momentary surprise was replaced with a broad smile. “Hello, you’re Julie, right? We met briefly at your parents place last christmas.”

“Uh… thats right,” what the hell am I going to say, he thought franticly. “Anne had to work late, one of her projects was at a critical stage.” Jim watched horrified as Paul’s eyes flicked over her breasts, before looking at her again. Jim realised Paul probably was not even aware he was doing it. It’s almost an instinctive reaction in men to girls like me, he thought.

“Typical, its not the first time she has forgotten me for her research. That’s what I get for dating a career woman like Anne.” He smiled ruefully.

He’s got a cute smile, thought Jim. He suddenly realised what he had thought and shock ran through his mind. This body is affecting me more than I thought. “She said she would be working through the night and won’t be back till tomorrow morning,” Jim blurted out.

Paul looked at her askance, she’s attracted to me he thought. Why else the shy, nervous glances. He watched Jim bite his lower lip in apprehension. Dear God, she is so sexy, Paul thought. His eyes flicked across her breasts which were straining a blouse just too small for them, he felt his cock stir in his trousers. The last couple of weeks had seen Anne cancelling dates, she always did this when she reached a major point in her research. When he had arrived and seen Anne’s car gone he realised he would almost certainly have another frustrated evening.

Now? Well maybe not. “Its a shame I came all this way for nothing. Never mind, so you’re staying with your aunt?”

“Yeah, just a day or so.” Jim searched his mind for something to say. The words, “would you like a drink?” popped out of his mouth. No! You idiot! You want to get rid of him, not give him a reason to stay.

“Thanks, just a coke, I’m driving.” He smiled and followed Jim to the kitchen.

Jim was uncomfortably aware of Paul standing right behind him as he got the coke out of the refrigerator. He tried to stop his hands trembling as he poured the drink into a glass and handed it to Paul. As Paul took the glass, their fingers touched. Paul maintained the contact longer than neccessary, then took the glass. “You have very nice hands,” he said. Jim didn’t know how to reply to this and just managed a shaky smile, a part of his mind preened at the obviously genuine complement however.

“So you’ll be starting college after the holidays I suppose. What do you want to do?”

Jim thought franticly, “I want to follow my Aunt, what she’s doing is so important.”

Fortunately Paul didn’t know Julie at all, so Jim could make up most of his background as he went along. Half an hour passed and Paul was showing no sign of leaving. Jim was becoming frantic, he wants me he thought. Several times he caught himself wondering what it would be like to be on the other side during sex. To be the one to lie back and open his legs, to feel a hard cock inside him. Once he caught himself looking at Paul’s crotch, he suddenly realised the direction his thoughts were going and firmly shoved them out of his mind.

Jim could tell from the look in his eyes that Paul had seen him trying to size up his cock, he had to get rid of him fast before Paul tried something. Jim made some excuse about having to get ready to go out with some friends.

As Paul was reluctantly leaving he asked if Jim had a boyfriend.

“No! uhh no, not at the moment.” Jim cursed silently I should have said yes, now Paul would be after me. Jim recognized the look on Paul’s face, the predatory look, he’d had it often enough when after a pretty girl.

On the doorstep Paul suddenly turned around and kissed Jim on the lips. Jim was taken totally surprise as Paul held him in a strong embrace. Jim opened his mouth to protest, but realised his mistake when he felt Pauls tounge in his mouth. Part of Jim wanted to thrust him away, but somehow he could not find the will power to do it. Despite himself, he enjoyed the kiss, he loved the feeling of protection the strong arm around him gave. He found himself responding, kissing Paul passionately. He felt his nipples start to tingle and the strange wetness at the crotch he had felt that afternoon when playing with himself. He realised how it could end up and he did not want to go to bed with Paul despite the responses of his new body.

Finally, he found the strength to pull back from the abyss. Paul smiled at his Jim’s flushed face and heaving breasts, “Well, I’ll see you around before you go back home.” And then he was gone into the twilight, leaving Jim stunned on the doorstep.

Back inside Jim slumped heavily in an armchair, making his heavy breasts jostle, but he was too preoccupied to notice. A man had kissed him. A man who quite obviously jump into bed with him at the slightest invitation. He could feel the Paul’s strong lips on his, the rasp of stubble against his soft face. And the smell of a brand of aftershave he had used himself just this morning. Paul’s reaction was a perfectly normal one when confronted with such a sexy young woman, Jim theorised. It was his own reaction that disturbed him, he had been almost ready to give that invitation to Jim.

A sudden image of a naked Paul leaning over him flashed through his mind. Jim thrust the mental picture, it’s just this bodies hormones, just relax. Tomorrow Anne will have worked up an antidote and all this will just have been a bad dream.

It had only been a couple of hours since Anne went back to the labs, but Jim decided to phone her anyway to see how she was getting on. He sighed with relief When Anne answered the phone. “Anne its me, Jim. How is it going?”

There was a slight pause at the other end of the phone, then Anne said “It’s going slowly, you can’t rush these things, just relax.”

“Paul came over a while back.”

“OH HELL!! I forgot all about him, we were supposed to see a movie tonight. Did he see you?”

“Yeah, but I managed to convince him I was Julie, visiting you. It was a bit hair raising I can tell you.”

“Why, did he try anything?”

“No,no. Nothing like that.” Best not to tell her, “I just feel very odd in this body.”

“Look Jim, you might not like this suggestion, but I’d like to call someone in to look after you while I work.

Jim certainly didn’t like this idea at all, but at least it would stop incidents like what happened with Paul. “Who?” he asked.


“What! Your niece! How is she going to react when she hears there is a man running around with her body!”

“She’s quite level headed and she is the only family member who is really interested in what I do. She knows about the gene therapy work I’m doing and she is open minded. I can’t tell anyone here because I’d get fired by the board for your accident.”

Jim thought about it for a bit, “Alright.”

“It’ll take her about two hours to get over, go get some sleep. Julie will let herself in.”

He reluctantly agreed and hung up, he was very uneasy about revealing his predicament to anyone and surely he didn’t need someone to help him for one more day before Anne worked up an antidote. But Anne probably just doesn’t want me left alone to worry, he thought. I wonder how Julie will react to me?

Jim realised he was exhausted after the evenings excitement and he was soon stripping off in Anne’s room. He had some trouble removing the bra, but finally he managed to get it off and his magnificent breasts swung free. He searched for some pyjamas, but it soon became obvious Anne only had frilly nighties. The night wasn’t that cold so he decided to not wear anything.

His body was still fairly tired from the transformation and it was not long before he was fast asleep

part 6

Anne hung up and rubbed her bleary eyes. She was getting nowhere. The DNA altering virus she had injected Jim with had resisted all her attempts to remove it. If she increased the potency of the virus any more it would destroy his entire genetic makeup and Jim would literally disolve.

A more worrying fact was that the small supply of Jim’s blood was fast running out. It was the only remaining stock of Jim’s male DNA and when it was gone Anne would have no way to turn him back into his old self. But it was vital she used his blood to confirm it worked.

There was one way to get a new supply of Jim’s male DNA and that was to inject someone with a virus containing Jim’s DNA but that would only result in another person being landed in the same problem. In other words, Anne had hit a brick wall in her research. It often went like this, a breakthrough would come and then nothing but careful experiments for years with no results. Jim’s problem couldn’t wait a week let alone years, eventually his family or girlfriend would report him missing. And the last reported sighting of him would be entering the institute.

That was why it was vital to bring Julie in on it now. A second Julie running around would be noticed sooner or later and only Anne’s niece could cover for him. Only Julie could keep Jim from coming to the notice of the authorities. Which was worrying because while Julie was intelligent, she tended to have a very mischevious personality, and she got up to a lot of things her parents would never believe she was capable of. Julie and Anne were fairly friendly, partly because Anne was easy going and partly because of the shared interest in medicine.

Fortuneatly Julie answered the phone. “Oh, hi Anne. Whats’ up? You know what time it is?”

Anne answered with a tired laugh, “Yeah I know. Look, Julie, I’m in some trouble and I need your help. Could you come by the institute.”

“What? Now?”

“Yes, now. Please Julie I wouldn’t be asking unless I really needed help.”

“Okay. I’m on my way, meet me at the gate so I can get in.”


Three hours later and a fairly shellshocked Julie pulled into Anne’s garage. She had half convinced herself that this was some elaborate joke and her friends would surprise her inside. Anne had shown her the notes she had made and then told her that Jim had fallen on the DNA virus sample. Julie remembered when Anne had demonstrated on her how to draw a sample of blood from a patient. Anne had seemed strangely insistent, now Julie knew why.

She checked the kitchen and lounge, nothing. Then she headed upstairs. The spare room was empty, the bed wasn’t even made. As she pushed open the main bedroom door she realised her heart was racing.

There in the bed was a figure, the moon was nearly full and the room was bathed in its soft light. Julie eyes were adjusting to the relative darkness and she bent closer to look at the face. She gasped silently, it was no joke. The sleeping girl had her face.

Julie pulled back the duvet and looked at the girl’s full breasts, very familiar breasts. Identical in every regard to Julie’s own, even down to the small mole on her left breast.

Suddenly, after seventeen years of being an only child, she had a twin sister.

The figure in the bed stirred and her eyes flicked open. Julie smiled at the girl and said. “Hi, I’m Julie and so are you by the looks of things.”

Jim struggled to full awareness, the shadowed face looking down at him was one that had become awfully familiar to him over the last few hours. He felt a faint breeze and looked down, she had uncovered his breasts. It still felt very strange to see two large mounds of flesh rather than the slightly hairy chest he was used to.

Julie noticed where he was looking, “Hey, don’t worry. It’s not like I’ve never seen them before.”

“No, I suppose not. You’re taking this very well.”

“I haven’t got used to the idea, I still don’t totally believe it and the evidence is right in front of my eyes. When you’re back to your manly self. I’ll give Anne hell for using my blood without telling me.

“It’s cold tonight you should have something on. Look I can see some goosebumps, well two large ones anyway.”

Jim could not help but laugh, partly at the totally ridiculous position he was in.

Julie watched him giggle. “Come on I’m serious. I’m not having you catch a cold while I’m looking after you. Anne has some nighties about here somewhere.”

“I’d rather not wear that if you don’t mind.”

“Nonsense, it’s just for one night isn’t it. And I’ll be the only one to know. Here, this one isn’t too bad is it.” She held a long fairly plain nightgown.

Jim agreed and Julie helped him into it. It didn’t feel that odd to him, and the fabric felt smooth. Far better than the scratchy pyjamas he had to wear as a kid.

As Jim settled back into bed, he noticed Julie was stripping off and slipping into a slightly frillier nightie. “What are you doing?”

“Going to sleep, move over. The spare bed isn’t made and I’m not sleeping on the couch.” She slipped into bed next to him and waggled a finger at him. “And don’t get any funny ideas. Keep your hands to your- self,” she said in a mock stern voice.

As Jim slipped back into sleep, his mind wandered over the day he had had. He had got up with the intention of working on the car, but by midday he had found himself in a buxom young girl’s body. Had played with himself, been chatted up. And was now in bed with his new twin sister. I’ll never have a day as strange as that again, he thought.

But then, he had no idea what the next day would bring. Which was perhaps just as well.

part 7

It was dawn by the time Dr Anne Chamberlain drove tiredly home. She had planned to have the cure to Jim’s predicament ready by now, but things had not gone according to plan. Anne had not discovered any way to remove the DNA altering virus which had turned Jim into a very pretty young woman.

She had decided wisely to take some well needed rest for several hours before returning to the problem. The house was quiet, Jim and Julie were obviously not up yet. Anne stumbled into her room and was about to collapse on her bed, when she saw it was already occupied by two twin girls in their late teens. The one on the far side was snoring softly, it took her a moment to realise it was Jim and Julie. Anne still had misgivings about involving Julie in this, but only Julie could keep Jim under wraps until Anne could cure him, if she could cure him. She could not decide which one was Julie so she just woke the one nearest to her.

“Whassup?” The girl said softly.

“Julie?” asked Anne.

“Well of course I’m Julie, who did you think I was? Santa Claus?” Then she looked over to the other side of the bed, “Oh, yeah, I forgot.”

“How is he?”

“I can barely believe he was a man,” Julie replied. “If he wasn’t my clone, I’d have thought this was some practical joke. I think he was a bit rattled by his encounter with your boyfriend.”

“Well, Paul does come on strong to woman. His eyes wander all the time. But he’d never do anything but look and flirt a bit.”

Julie nodded, “But Jim doesn’t know that. He had absolutely no experience on how to deal with that sort of thing. But I’ll teach him how to deal with men on the prowl.”

“No, you won’t.” Anne had to struggle to keep her voice quiet. “You just keep him out of sight of anyone and keep him calm. That’s all. I’ll have this problem solved in a few days.”

“Any progress?”

“Well, not exactly, I’m following up an idea that may make it possible to replace it with a new virus once, any more would cause the whole genetic structure to break down. It means any user could change his or her genetic makeup twice. I’ve produced some samples and I’ll see how they’ve progressed tonight. The trick is to find a way of replacing the virus, without harming Jim.” Anne yawned.

“You get some sleep. I’ll get the spare bed ready for you, best to leave Jim to sleep.”


“Time to wake up, Jim.”

Jim opened his eyes and looked up at Julie, The sun was streaming in through the window and Julie was already dressed. “Is Anne back yet?”

“Yeah, she’s in the spare room fast asleep. She has made some progress, but you’re stuck as me for another day.”

Jim looked a little despondent, “Hey, it’s not that bad.” Julie said. “Come on, you have a shower and I’ll pick out some of my stuff for you.”

Jim made his way to the bathroom, feeling the odd but not unpleasant feeling of his silky nightie against his smooth legs. He locked the bathroom door and stood in front of the mirror. He stared at the girl in the mirror, at her ruffled hair and sleepy face, she was still exceptionally attractive. Jim pulled off the nightie and stepped into the shower. As he washed, he felt the streams of water hitting his breasts. He found the feeling erotic and was soon more than slightly aroused. For all its strangeness this body felt good.

When he had finished he dried his body. He wasn’t quite sure how to dry his long hair, so he decided to ask Julie. He put on one of Anne’s dressing gowns, at first sight he thought it would be too small for him, but he remembered he was a lot smaller than he remembered and it fit well except for around his ample chest. In the end he had to leave it slightly open displaying a lot of cleavage. Jim still had great difficulty in believing this beautiful girl was him.

When he returned to the bedroom Julie had just finished laying out some clothes for him. He saw a white silk bra and panties set and a cream colored summer dress, “I’m not wearing a dress.” He told her

“Well in my hurry to pack last night, I didn’t bring anything other than dresses and skirts, so you either wear that or run around in your underwear giving everyone a thrill.”

“Well, alright.” He agreed reluctantly, he wondered what it would feel like to wear such a lovely outfit. He caught himself thinking that and grimaced, the sooner Anne cured him the better.

“If you need any help, just yell.” She locked the suitcase and put it in the corner. She was glad she was able to shut it before he saw the two pairs of jeans in there.

When he was alone Jim pulled the panties up his long slim legs. They fitted perfectly. Next came the bra, he slipped his arms into the straps and positioned his breast in the cups. He managed with a little struggle to do up the bra, how did women do this day after day without breaking there arms? He adjusted it and was surprised how comfortable it was. The bra Anne had bought him yesterday was obviously just a little too small, but this fitted perfectly. He found himself exhilarating in the feeling of the bra cosseting his substantial breasts.

Then he turned to the dress, after a momentary indecision he put it on. feeling the folds of the cool, soft fabric falling around his body. It had a very feminine smell and Jim felt the faint stirrings of arousal. Julie had left some shoes out for him, they had a two-inch heel which he found slightly odd to walk in.

He practised walking in them and watched himself in the mirror. It was nearly impossible to believe that in the beautiful young woman in the mirror was the mind of a tall muscled man. The dress felt strange, every time he moved he felt it brushing against his shapely legs. It made him feel very vulnerable.

He headed downstairs and found Julie flicking through the channels on the television looking for something interesting. She looked up as Jim entered and smiled, “That looks good on you.”

“It feels weird.” Jim said and slumped into the chair.

“Yeah, I understand. If I became a man, I’d probably freak out.” She looked at him and grinned broadly. “There is one thing you must remember when wearing a dress, unless you want the world as your gynaecologist you keep your knees together.”

Jim snapped his legs shut and pulled the hem of his dress over his knees. Julie was amused to see him blushing. “Come on, Anne told me to wake her up in a couple of hours. I’m going to put dinner together for her, want to give a hand?”

His experience in the kitchen didn’t go beyond ready-to-cook meals and sandwiches, but he decided to keep himself occupied rather than just sit and worry about the future. For the next hour Jim was kept busy. He wasn’t much help, but it did keep him occupied.

About noon, a still tired looking Anne came down and devoured the meal. Her first proper meal since breakfast the day before. As she was about to leave for the institute, she turned and said to Jim. “I’m really sorry Jim, I promise I’ll get you back to normal soon.”

“It’s not your Anne, It was just bad luck I fell on the sample.”

Anne nodded and managed a weak smile. But she felt a knot of anguish, it was her fault. She had done this to him just because she was impatient. She noticed he was wearing a dress, Anne was worried what a prolonged stay in that body would do his mental outlook.

After she had gone Julie said “Poor auntie. She’s wearing herself out.”

“She feels responsible for what happened to me.” Jim said sadly.

part 8

The day had turned warm and sunny and Julie decided to sunbathe. Jim declined an offer to join her and sat in the shade while Julie stripped to her bra and panties and laid out in the sun.

At some point Jim must have dozed off, because when he awoke he heard Julie answer the phone.

“No, she’s been and gone. You know what she’s like when she is really on to something…….Well, I don’t know, I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do…….” She laughed. “Well since you put it that way! …….Alright, seven o’clock it is. Seeya bigboy.”

“Your boyfriend?” asked Jim as she returned.

“No.” She said with a mischievous glint in her eye. “Yours.”

Jim felt a stab of fear. “That was Paul wasn’t it!”

“Yeah, you really made an impression on him yesterday. What did you do? Grope him?”

“NO!” He replied blushing furiously. “I’m not going out on a date with him!”

“Why not, look it won’t go anywhere on a first date and he is a gentleman. He’ll take no as an answer.”

“Not too much of a gentleman to two-time his girlfriend.” Despite himself, Jim found himself warming to the idea.

“Look, in a day or so you’ll be back to your male self. Why not see what it’s like to be wined and dined. He’ll not expect too much on a first date I’ll phone him tomorrow, break it off with him and he’ll be too embarrassed to tell Anne. It might stop him from straying for real.”

Jim said “NO!!” as firmly as he could in his contralto voice and stalked upstairs. As he lay on the bed he mulled it over in his mind, what on earth was up with that girl? She must be mad, slowly however he saw it from her point of view. It would be fun to see what it was like from the other side. Paul was a gentleman and wouldn’t try anything if Jim objected. But what if you didn’t object a part of his mind said. He rejected that with a smirk, of course he would object, being in a woman’s body would not make him fancy men. He remembered ogling Julie as she sun- bathed, yep, he still preferred women. And maybe doing this would stop him from straying with other women so this might help Anne rather than hurt her.

As the hours passed he came round to Julie’s view, it would be an unique experience for a man (as if he hadn’t had enough of those). Julie was delighted when he told her, and immediately started to get him ready. She decided the dress was good enough for the date but she gave some pantyhose for him to wear and she did his hair and makeup.

The pantyhose felt very strange on his soft legs, almost like a second skin. He loved the quiet swishing noise they made as they rubbed against each other. Julie wouldn’t let him see himself as she slowly and methodically applied his makeup. When she finally let him see himself he gaped in amazement. I’m beautiful he thought.

Julie’s skilful work had made Jim’s face even more beautiful. He admired the glossy red lips and delicate blusher. He was entranced by the gorgeous woman in the mirror, when he felt something tugging at his ear. Julie had clipped a silver earring onto his ear, the strange tugging feeling felt odd, but seemed to fit somehow. She delicately added some perfume and she stood back to admire her work.

Finally she took off her silver crucifix necklace and put it on Jim. She looked at his face in the mirror, “Go knock him dead, sister.” He continued to admire the goddess in the mirror until the doorbell interrupted. “Right, that’s him, Jim. Go and enjoy yourself and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Despite Jim’s shocked protestations she dropped a packet of condoms in his purse, “Just in case you really can’t control yourself.” she said.

Jim set off downstairs to answer the door, while Julie had to stay out of sight in the bedroom. Suddenly this seemed like an insane idea to Jim, what was he thinking of when he agreed to this. Taking a few deep breaths to steady his nerves, he opened the door.

Paul was on the doorstep, dressed casually. He smiled when he saw Jim, “Hi Julie, You’re looking lovely tonight.”

“Thank you, Paul.” Jim was very disconcerted by the complement. Paul escorted him to the car opened the door for him. Jim struggled into the seat belt, his tits were large and beautiful but they got in the way. Paul got in the driving seat, gunned the car and surged down the street.

Julie watched in apprehension as they drove off, it had all been one big joke up to now. But she was not sure Jim could handle his new body. The condoms had just been Julie’s way of having fun, but now she wasn’t sure he would not need it. The body seemed to be affecting him slightly, though he was still mostly male in his head, he did seem almost feminine at times. Also, she was not sure Paul was a perfect gentleman. Julie just hoped Anne didn’t hear about this.

Jim watched Paul as he drove the car into the fashionable part of town. If he remembered correctly Paul owned a small law firm which brought in a fair sum of money. Jim watched the muscles moving under Paul’s shirt as he drove, he was quite handsome.

Paul opened the door for him, Jim was expecting this and thanked him. Paul then pointed his elbow at him, Jim looked at it before he realised he was supposed to give Paul his arm to hold as he escorted him. The restaurant was on the river front and they enjoyed the walk to it.

As they walked Jim was aware of other men passing by giving his well endowed figure lustful glances. At first he was a bit perturbed by this, but when he saw he was getting envious glances from women he started to enjoy himself.

Despite himself, Jim was finding himself more and more wrapped up in his role. The restaurant itself was very exclusive and Paul had booked a good table. He’s pulling out the stops on this one, Jim realised. He also pulled the chair out for Jim to sit down.

As Jim was smoothing his dress, the waiter handed Paul the food and wine list. “What would you like, darling?” Paul asked.

Jim was overwhelmed with being out in public as a female for the first time, “Um…surprise me.” He finally managed. Paul was pleased and quickly made the suggestions, Jim realised Paul was a bit old fashioned and liked to make the decisions.

His order was some exotic Japanese dish which Jim didn’t recognise, but tasted nice. He noticed that Paul was refilling Jim’s wine glass after almost every sip. He’s trying to get me drunk, thought Jim with a small smile. Not much chance there, I can drink everyone under the table at my local bar.

They passed the time with small talk, both avoiding the subject of Anne. Paul told him about his fascination for sport cars and was surprised when Jim showed his extensive knowledge for the subject. The time passed quickly and Jim found himself enjoying himself.

Just before the dessert came round, Jim felt a sudden pressure in his bladder and excused himself. He felt slightly unsteady on his feet, he cursed the high heels and set off for the ladies. Paul watched Jim’s ass wiggle sexily as he made his way to the washroom, she really was a find. Demure, quiet and a beautiful young woman. She was young enough to be his daughter, but Paul really didn’t care. Perhaps he could get her back to his place with a promise of showing her his sport cars.

Jim looked around the ladies and was momentarily confused when he could not find a urinal. Finally he remembered that he could not use one anyway and went into a stall. he clumsily pulled down his pantyhose and panties, hitched up his dress and sat down. This isn’t just the shoes, he realised, I’m a little drunk. But I didn’t drink that much, he protested. But he had drunk more than enough to get this smaller body intoxicated.

As he undulated his way back to Paul he smiled. Slightly drunk or not he could still handle him. Soon they were heading back to Paul’s car. Jim still smiling slightly, the drink combined with his high heels left him more than slightly wobbly. Paul put his arm around Jim’s waist to stabilise him. Like the night before, Jim realised he found the strong arm around him protective. With out consciously thinking about it he put his own arm around Paul feeling his muscles under his shirt. “Do you work out?” he asked Paul.

“When I can, Do you like what you feel?”

Jim grinned broadly at the obvious come-on, but felt no threat from it. Paul was wondering whether to take advantage of her or not, he had not cheated on Anne before. But then such a young woman had never shown such an interest in him before. He helped Jim into the car and they drove off into the night.

*********** Paul took a different route back through the city and soon was pulling into a drive way of an expensive house. “You look tired,” He explained. “I thought I’d get you some coffee before I take you home.” He helped Jim out of the car.

“Thank you, Paul. Very nice house you have.”

“Well, it was on our way to where you’re staying, so I thought we’d stop off here for a bit.” Jim heard the obvious suggestion in his words, and some of his drink induced happiness was replaced by an edge of fear.

“Well, alright, but I can’t stay long.” Paul’s house was impressive, but not grandiose. He let Jim in and after he had shut the door, he smiled and walked slowly towards him, drinking in Jim’s luscious form. Jim was frozen like a rabbit in a car’s headlights, he knew exactly what was on Paul’s mind. The only question was how to get away from him and back to Anne’s house.

Paul reached Jim and stroked his soft cheek with his hand, “Julie, you are one of the most intelligent and beautiful woman I’ve met.” He lowered his face to Jim’s to kiss him on the lips, Jim tried to think of something to say to stop him but nothing came to his drink addled mind. The idea of physically resisting never occurred to him, he felt weak next to Paul’s hard strength.

Their lips met and Jim’s mind was assaulted by the same strange feelings he had had the night before. Paul reached around Jim and pulled his small frame tightly to his. Jim felt his breasts pressed against Paul’s broad chest, he felt his nipples start to tingle and become aroused again. His mind was saying no, but the strong wine together with his strange female body conspired to stop him putting up all but the feeblest of protests.

All he could concentrate on was that here was a man and a woman about to partake in the oldest ritual on Earth. What could be more natural than that. One of Paul’s strong hands rubbed Jim in the small of the back before drifting down to the round swell of his ass.

Jim felt the strange dampness between his legs as Paul caressed him. Paul broke off the kiss just long enough to whisper in Jim’s ear. “Lets go upstairs, Julie.”

Suddenly Paul hefted him into his arms and carried him upstairs like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold.

In the car, Jim’s purse lay on the floor where it had fallen.

Like the rest of the house, the bedroom was very stylishly furnished. Jim noticed none of this as Paul lowered him onto the bed. There was a strange air of unreality to the situation for Jim. He had been in situations like this before, but it was so different to be on the other side for once. He sat up and said, “We really shouldn’t be doing this. You’re Anne’s boyfriend after all.”

“We have a very liberal attitude, Anne and me. And what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” He replied with a smile. Paul’s strong hand moved to Jim’s knee and started to caress it through the thin fabric of his dress. Jim found the feeling to be very sensuous and he found himself leaning over to Paul for another kiss. Paul reached round and stroked Jim’s full blonde hair.

Jim watched with a strange detachment as Paul pulled the dress from under his bottom and lifted it over his head. This isn’t happening, a part of him wailed, he gathered his will power for one last attempt to break away. But then he felt Paul’s hand at his ample bra-covered breast. Jim gave a small moan as Paul slipped his hand inside the cup to gently touch Jim’s erect nipple. Jim remembered what his male nipples felt like when his girlfriend used to tweak them, but this was a thousand times better. Paul watched Jim as he caressed his nipple, his head was tilted back letting his luscious hair drape down his back and was moaning slightly with his eyes half closed.

Jim lost himself in the feeling and had no idea of how long Paul massaged his breasts. Suddenly he felt his bra loosen, Paul had undone it and he helped to take it off. Jim’s mind was in turmoil, part of him was in shear terror of what Paul was doing, another revelled in it and a small part of him watched from a detached corner of his mind. Here he was a twenty-five year old heterosexual male, in another man’s bedroom, wearing only a pair of panties while a man massaged his tits!

Paul lowered Jim onto his back and leant over to kiss his nipple. He teased it into his mouth and sucked and nipped on it. Jim was lost, his whole being centered on his nipples as Paul expertly sucked on them. Then he felt a hand at his crotch, as Paul roughly pulled Jim’s panties down.

Paul let Jim’s nipple go and slowly drifted down Jim’s supple belly, giving small kisses as he went. Jim could not believe how erotic that felt, as a man he had centered on breasts and crotch, but now every part of him from head to toe felt extremely aroused. Even the sheets of the bed under him felt wonderful.

By now Paul had reached Jim’s crotch and he planted a kiss on his lower pair of lips. That single touch almost sent Jim to the edge, already he could feel a ferocious need to have something in his vagina. Paul obviously knew what he was doing and he expertly licked Jim’s clit. Very quickly Jim felt an explosion and had his second climax as a woman.

It raced all over his body and he squirmed under Paul in ecstasy. For what seemed like hours he lay there, feeling the remains of his orgasm slowly dying down. Enjoy the shifting weight of his breasts and the strange new equipment between his legs. It was more than that though, every inch of his body was changed, he barely knew himself now.

The bed shifted as another weight joined Jim on it. He opened his eyes and looked over at Paul, he had quickly undressed and was now as naked as Jim. For his age Paul was remarkably fit and Jim looked at his well developed muscles. The orgasm had cleared his mind a bit and Jim was desperately trying to think of a way too get out of there. Then he saw something that drove everything else out of his mind.

Paul’s erection.

It was no bigger than average, but to Jim’s horrified eyes it looked enormous. Jim realised what Paul was planning to do with it and it finally gave him the strength to run for it. He sat up and tried to roll off the bed. If he could get to the bathroom and lock himself in, he’d be safe till Paul had calmed down.

He never got the chance, Paul moved on top of him and held him down with his strong hairy arms. “No Paul! Please.”

“You want it, Julie. You’re wet and ready. Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.”

Jim felt Paul’s massive weight on him and he felt utterly power- less. He felt Paul’s rock hard cock pressing against him, Paul’s hands massaged Jim’s tits again and Jim soon found himself very turned on. His capacity for rational thought was almost gone, all there was in the universe was Jim, Paul and Paul’s cock.

He found himself reaching down and for the the first time in his life he held a cock that wasn’t his own. It felt as thick as his arm, he guided it to the lips of his vagina. Paul smiled, he knew she would not resist much. He slowly edged his hardness into Jim’s slippery cunt, Jim’s breaths came in little gasps as Paul penetrated him. Jim wrapped his legs around Paul’s waist and pulled him as deep as possible into his cunt.

Jim groaned as the exquisite sensations of penetration rocked through him. Paul pulled out slowly and then started to thrust into him. Jim ran his hands over Paul’s broad back, holding on to him as if for dear life. A tension was building deep inside Jim as Paul possessed him, Another orgasm was coming, bigger than any he had had before. It grew over him like a huge tidal wave, then suddenly, it came crashing down on him.

He screamed as his climax coursed through him, every part of his body was on fire. He dug his nails into Paul’s back and wrapped his legs around Paul pulling him deep into him. He gripped Paul’s cock with his vagina, as he did so he felt Paul give a deep moan and tense up.

Paul dug his fingers into Jim’s large tits and orgasmed deep into the stunning beauty under him. Jim felt Paul pulsing his seed deep into him, slowly Jim’s awareness returned to him and he was totally mortified by the act he had just committed.

They lay entwined for some minutes, both covered in a sheen of sweat. Paul’s cock was still inside him, slowly softening until he pulled out of him. Jim didn’t say much and desperately avoided thinking about what he had just done. Paul offered Jim the first use of the shower, which Jim was glad to accept. He scrubbed himself red trying to get rid of the feelings of Paul’s body against his.

Jim could barely look himself in the mirror, he looked dishevelled, everyone who looks at me will know what I’ve done, he thought in horror.

He dressed hurriedly and quietly asked Paul to take him home. Paul realised Jim was ashamed of what he had done, believing it was because they had cheated on Anne. No words were exchanged on the way back and Jim soon found himself outside Anne’s house.

Julie was waiting, obviously more than a little worried. “Where have you been? Do you know how late it is?” Then she noticed that all of Jim’s makeup had been washed off. “My God. You slept with him didn’t you?”

Jim couldn’t hold back the tears any longer and between sobs told Julie how he had got drunk and lost control. She comforted him rocking him back and forth like a baby. “It’s alright, Jim. It’s over now.”

He was looking green and Julie helped him to the toilet where he threw up his expensive dinner. She went back to the hall and picked up his purse. She opened it and searched through the few items inside.

A few minutes later Jim staggered out looking utterly dejected. “How could I let him do that?”

“You have a new body with different drives you can’t control yet. It was my fault, not yours, it was a very stupid thing to do. I’m sorry.” Julie was quite for a few moments, then she held up the unopened packet of condoms. “Jim, I know this is distressing for you, but did he have his own condoms? You didn’t use yours.”

“Uh…no, he didn’t use condoms either, why?”

“Well, did he pull out before he came?” She asked insistently.

Jim thought back to the encounter. “No he didn’t. Why are you asking?” Suddenly he realised why she was asking. He was a woman now, with all a woman’s reproductive equipment.

“Oh my God, what have I done.” Jim said in a horrified whisper.

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