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Contact your Staff


Do you have a need to reach out and touch someone? In particular, your Staff? Well, We love the touch. Send us an email, tell Us how much you love the House or tell Us how much you want to be a good sissy. Feel free to send photos as attachments to your email through this handy form.

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sissyTip!Now don’t forget about Proper Correspondence Etiquette!  When including photos, be sure to send jpgs, max 1meg per image. 800×600 preferred!

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I instructed my sissy, amandacecilia, to join your wonderful site a few days ago after I did a brief perusal here myself, with instructions that she show me anything she felt especially useful or insightful here. Needless to say, the… Read more “Mistress Monique”

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this sissy’s wife has ordered her to buy this outfit for a humiliation, paddling and caning session.

annette cd

Hi Girls.
Annette cd here loved all of your
awesome sissy comments above.
I feel the same as all of you.
I would love to find superior dominant
women and men to help advance
my submissive sissification to be completely training to obey and serve them.
I would just love to live full time as a
feminine sissy or woman ?,
be a wife and completely serve them,
and their friends.
How would you suggest that I can find
dominant superiors to help me with this?
Any suggestions please?
Thank you.


mim hope to have a Superior who will train mimi in order to become a better sissy slut slave to serve all the time and make Superior Always happy sissy exist only to please Superior that is the only Reason s.he live


Curtsey, superiors, curtsey fellow sissy’s
this sissy is so grateful for this training.
sissy suzy will promise to contact any Australian sissy ‘s and mistress ‘s

melanie beaver

i did laundry today. i am good at laundry.

michelle looking for a husband

Me too


Janetsissy,hello!My name is Caren and i am new here.Like you sweetie i am a long haul trucker and I would love to meet other sissies that run the road.


Hi I am new to this site and want to be a good trained sissy


would love to have u stop by sometime. we could play some sissy games

janet sissy

This sissy wants everyone to know that she is very happy to be a part of the “House of Sissify” she is outgoing and friendly but does not go out unless dragged out she is a long haul trucker and wishes to make friends with Mistresses and sissies around Canada and the USA to have short visits with as she drives through

Thank you Superiors and sisters


Madame Stewart

What a great idea honey!


Sissy fluffybuns cheering YAY a new sister

janet sissy

This sissy is happy to see that her sisters are getting the help they need congratulations sissy Holley

Your sister

Lucy Molly

This sissy is thankful to all the superiors for all the support they are giving. This sissy wants to tell every body that she wants to be a girl.

chimili anne

Me too. You go girl!

caren holtrop

This feminized domestic, now in service for almost 30 years is enjoying her second period since registering here and is grateful for the guidance on this part of womanhood. Mistress thought it would be a great idea to start menstruating again after a long period of abstention (as if that would be an option….). Mistress has bought the whole set of necessary items, even the smaller size of bra and I follow the advice of Aunt Flo in detail. It truly is a burden, the enema’s, the suppositories and tablets, the tampons and pads, but provided it is all done… Read more »

Jennifer Gee

Thank you Caren. I knew it wasn’t all going to be rainbows and balloons. But I’m so glad I’m a girl. And so glad you’re a girl! Love and kisses Jennifer