Proper Correspondence Etiquette


You may have noticed that just about every page at the House has this term on the bottom…“Proper Correspondence Etiquette is expected & enforced.” 

This term refers to the procedure of properly addressing the Staff of the House of Sissify. It is imperative that you sissies learn your proper place…. and this is an excellent place to start.


Sarcasm, narcissism, arrogance, and all other forms of disrespectful communications will not be tolerated. We enjoy filtering Our mail. It gives us more time to answer the more deserving communiques


Communications written in capital letters (SUCH AS THIS) allow us the liberty of disposal immediately. We all consider this “yelling”, and Our mail server automatically deletes them.

Case Counts in Large Amounts

We are your Superiors. Such as in ” Me & you ” Note the case difference. You are to only refer to yourself in the lowercase. Refer to your Mistress and/or the Staff in the Upper Case that is reserved for your Superiors.

Me Me Me Me

Messages that contain more “i’s” than any other word are just in poor taste for a sissy. We call this the “me me me” letter. To alleviate this, refer to yourself in third person. Example:

“I just wanted to write so I could tell you how wonderful all Superiors are”

“This sissy just wanted to write so s.he could tell you how wonderful all Superiors are.”

See the difference? Humility is a very important part of your training.

Composition, Grammar & Who’s Who

Address those messages! Spell check those messages! Sign your messages! Tell Us who you are! We want a proper salutation… and signature at the bottom, stating who had written this communique` to Us. Here is an example:

Subject: Anything for You

Dear Mistress,

Your sissy has kept herself all tucked plugged and pantied per Your request.

Love and Kisses <Curtseys>,

sissy examplina

Username: examplina


Once you send that first feMail, you will get a response from the Staff. (If you have followed the previous requirements correctly) If you are required to reply to that response what should a girl do? The wrong thing to do is to start a new e-mail message. This breaks the link (called a “thread”) between the original message and your soon-to-be-created response. Without the link, it can cause the Staff much difficulty trying to follow the sequence of messages, especially after several exchanges. (Remember, there are many Staff Members girls.) The correct thing to do is to reply, which is essentially the same thing as creating a new message, but maintains the thread.


Due to the extensive amount of mail the House receives, (well over 300 mails per day) do not expect to be replied to immediately.It may take up to 5 days to have the time to address your issue.. and even longer if it requires research, or is a complicated inquiry.

If you write repeatedly asking why We haven’t answered yet, you will be placed in the bottom of the stack… and often just deleted.


A few handy hints and reminders to keep in mind:

  1. The Superior always makes the rules.
  2. The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
  3. No sissy can possibly know all the rules.
  4. If the Superior suspects the sissy knows all the rules She must immediately change
    some or all of the rules
  5. The Superior is never wrong.
  6. If the Superior is thought to be wrong, it is due to a misunderstanding, which is a direct result of something the sissy did or said wrong.
  7. If rule # 6 applies the sissy must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.
  8. The Superior may change Her mind at any time.
  9. The sissy must never change he.r mind without the express written consent of the Superior.
  10. The Superior has every right to be angry or upset at any time.
  11. The sissy must remain calm at all times, unless the Superior wants he.r to be otherwise.
  12. The sissy is expected to mind read at all times.
  13. The Superior is ready when she is ready.
  14. The sissy must be ready at all times.
  15. If the Superior has P.M.S. all the rules are null and void.



And most importantly, you are a guest at the House of Sissify, and are subject to the rules and regulations of the House. We have the right to exploite, humiliate, delete, ignore, or coddle any person at anytime for no other reason than Our Own amusement.

That didn’t hurt a bit, did it sweetie?


Ready to start your training?

Submit your application today!

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  1. sina-marie

    Subject: Proper Correspondence Ettiquette

    Dear Mistresses,

    thank you very much for these detailed rules on proper correspondence ettiquette. These are really helpful and sissy sina-marie is willing to obey them in order to please you Mistresses.

    Love and Kisses

    sissy sina-marie

  2. Bethany69

    This sissy slut has read about the proper etiquette and is willing to be a slut for her superiors whenever and wherever. She looks forward to her sissification!
    -your slut, Bethany

  3. Sammi

    To the wonderful and benevolent Superiors of our amazing “House of Sissify”
    This sissy slut, had to take the time to pay credit and show my absolute, overwhelming gratitude for not only coming up with the Genius idea to open this beautiful academy, only to use your precious time and effort to help train pathetic beta males, to be the sissies we were meant to/helping mtf sissies realize our full potential. Now that i’ve been given the opportunity, I know that I’l do every thing I can to serve my superiors to the best of this sissies ability. Doing anything and everything possible to please you, serve you, and with abit of luck, make you proud of my progress later on.
    Cause like,I’m forever indebted to you wonderful Mistresses for taking time to train this SIssy.
    Your faithfully loyal sissy,
    Sammi ~

  4. rachel

    worthless sissy just wanted to share that her role in life is to be a responsible domestic servant cum subjugated sissy slave, devoted to carrying out all instructions from her Superior; it has been high time for this pathetic sissy to come to terms with never having been a man, and to embrace her station in life,as Mistress’ slave. curtsey from sissy rachel

  5. denise

    Yes this sissy receives great pleasure in serving h(er) Superiors s.he loves wearing lipstick makeup lace trimmed bra lace trimmed panties firmly tucked and ready to serve h(er) Superiors

  6. Christine

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is here and ready to explore and do whatever it takes to become the girl of her dreams. Please help her get rid of the masculine ways and s.he will serve in any way You need her too

    Your submissive princess,

  7. alicia kelly

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy has kept herself plugged and pantied per Your request. s.he is desired to become the best sissy for the perfect Superior. her useless clit is covered and her sissy vaginal is ready. s.he will serve Mistress and beg for teaching. s.he is looking forward to her new sissy life.

    Love and Kisses,

    sissy alicia

    Username: alicia kelly

  8. adriana

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy would like to take a moment to say thank you for Your consideration in accepting into The House. this sissy looks forward to becoming the best sissy for the perfect Superior. Your words are Law and Your Presence is the Bible. Obedient and serving is what this sissy longs for. Superiors are the best, hopefully this sissy is worthy of Superiors.

    Your loyal slave,


  9. sissy_fiona

    Dear Superiors

    Thank you for excepting this sissy into your Home. s.he has read through the Proper Correspondence Etiquette and s.he is excited to start he.r training in the hope one day s.he will become a true subservient sissy to a Superior Lady.

  10. caitlyn

    Dear Superiors,

    This inexperienced sissy is so excited to be hear and is eager to become a better sissy. She wants nothing more than to be trained to serve beautiful cocks and to truly become a submissive woman. This was perfectly clear to her when she stole her ex-girlfriend’s panties and loved how it looked and felt on her. Superiors, please teach her how to become the slutty sissy she dreams to be. she is ready for any and all training required to achieve her goal. While waiting for a reply she will keep herself plugged and her favorite panties on.

    Love and Kisses,

    sissy caitlyn

    username: addictions124

  11. brittany

    proper correspondence etiquette

    dear Superiors,
    this sissy is grateful for the opportunity to learn proper correspondence etiquette. this sissy is excited to be able to use this lesson in her every day life.

    with passion and devotion ,
    sissy brittany88

  12. kendra

    This sissy is very happy to return home after a long hiatus. Thank You to the Superiors and Staff for accepting this gurl back to the house, is a dream come true as s.he knows it is necessary to further training and fulfillment of fate

    Thank You


  13. Kelli M

    Dear Mistress,

    This part time sissy thanks you for your consideration. She enjoys deressing in matching bra and pantie sets with skirts, blouses, dresses, pantyhose stockings wigs, makeup, perfume, jewelry and high heels. This sissy is married and thus cannot become full time . When dressed, this sissy is attracted to both the Superior Female anatomy as well as the male anatomy. This sissy has spent a few times as a bottom for men.

    With respect,


  14. jessica

    Dear Superiors,
    This sissy has come to the House of Sissy for proper training, beginning with proper correspondence etiquette. s.he serves Master Jim as His sissy. Your wonderful training is exactly what s.he needs to please Master.
    From the bottom of he.r heart…
    Thank You

  15. jennala

    Subject: What Needs to be Done

    Dear Madame Stewart,

    this sissy needs to weave these rules and ways of thinking into the fabric of soul. Thank You Superiors for showing this sissy the light.

    with total love and devotion,

    sissy jennala

  16. lola

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy is pleased to have been allowed to begin her journey of service and slavedom! This sissy in training has read all of the text above stating the rules and conduct expected of a good sissy slut. However this sissy may sometimes conduct herself wrong by forgetting elementary etiquette so this sissy wants to apologize beforehand and will accept punishment for it.

    Your submissive sissy

  17. kenzie

    Subject: Proper Correspondence Etiquette

    Dear Superior,

    This pitiful sissy slave thanks You for her Etiquette training, may it be the first step in abolishing this sissy’s masculinity.

    with Fear and Devotion ,

    sissy kenzie

  18. liana

    with great humility this girl addresses Dear Mistress,

    this inept girl only accepted her girlhood a few weeks ago and with great fortune found The House. hindsight has put together the puzzle of my sissy girlhood that was always inside of s.he. submission & servitude to The Superior Mistress is this sissies purpose. this girl begs for a Matriarch to pity this girl with guidance.

    s.he has always preferred wearing panties and has no interest in clitoral stimulation, s.he has been training sissypussy all life. currently stuffed, tucked, tightly pantied, 23/7. will be utilizing depilatory cream on legs for the first time shortly. chest & denial beard was last week. in addition, s.he is very often wearing multiple shapewear panties, tights, and snap-crotch bodysuits. working to achieve a smooth figure in advance of hormones. with luck, these efforts will present interest to a Superior.

    with great reverence & humility


  19. andrea

    Dearest Superiors,

    This sissy pantie slave has just read the correspondence rules again and understands them but is afraid that s.he may forget sometimes. This is note of apology beforehand (and s.he will certainly beg forgiveness again.

    Most humble curtsies and downcast eyes as this clod seeks to serve.
    Panty boy Andrea

  20. michelle

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy in training has read all of the text above stating the rules and conduct expected of a good sissy slut. S.he is looking forward to the transformation that will change this slut’s life forever!

    Hugs and Kisses,



  21. Kandy

    Dear Superiors,
    This sissy has joined to learn how to properly serve a master. This sissy has read the rules of communication with supperiors and she do everything in her power to be respectful and follow the rules. This sissy is looking forward to her new life.

    Thank you,


  22. marcia

    Dear Superior,

    This sissy is ready to be trained and looks forward to a great experience in shedding the masculine nature and embrace the feminine nature. This sissy is hoping that there will be training that can be applied to be a better sissy for her Goddess wife.

  23. Lolacumsalot

    Dear Mistresses,

    This slut is ready to start he.r training and is excited to submit to Your Superiority at any given moment. This slut is grateful for the opportunity.

    Thank you for you time, Superior

    xoxo (curtsey)

  24. mikki

    Dear Mistress and Staff of The House of Sissify,
    This submissive and inferior girl has read the rules of etiquette and correspondence and will of course follow all rules as required. This girl also wishes to express her most heartfelt thanks to all of her Superiors at the House, and promises to do her very best to become a humble, totally subservient sissy that only lives to bring pleasure and amusement to her Superiors. This girl will work very hard to become whatever The House wishes, and will study hard and practice all she learns in her real life. she will always respect and adore her Superiors in all things, and will always strive to please.
    all of this girls love and respect

  25. JulieGER

    Dear Superiors,

    this Slut julieGER is new here and very proud of the gift to be that little part of this amazing circle. It will put it all to become that sissy slut you Superiors can imagine to satisfy you.

    And this julieGER is hoping to get your hints and instructions to become that one you call a good serving and obeying sissy.

    Thank you very much, hugs and kisses,


  26. Lisa

    Dear Superiors,
    This sissy has read the rules of communication with supperiors and she will work hard to always respect and follow them . The sissy looks forward to becoming the sissy slut she knows she can be.

  27. Emma

    Dear Superiors
    This sissy thanks for me allow sissy to be here. sissy has read etiquette and understands, sissy will do best to be best servant possible.



    sissy emma

  28. Sarahslut55

    Dear Mistress,
    This sissy is a slutty in kind and wants to be perfect with the help of Superiors like you and hopefully obey every order that’s given to this sissy.
    Hugs and kisses

  29. camille

    Dear Mistress

    This sissy has read the Proper Correspondence Etiquette and she understands what is being told.

    This sissy asks permission to be your servant. To learn the ways of being a sissy slut is a privilege and an honor. Thank you for allowing this sissy to join your community.

    Have a good evening Mistress.

    Hugs amd kisses

  30. sissyb


    This sissy slave has read and understands the rules. This sissy strives to be the best sissy slave there is. My obedience to my Mistress is of the upmost importance.

  31. zoey slave

    Dear Mistess

    sissy has read and understands proper etiquette rules. This sissy zoey is apologizing for her lack of etiquette and will do better next time. sissy zoey who truly wants to be the fem sissy he/she has always wanted to be this sissy will obey anything my Superiors want me to do or to be this sissy and show etiquette to my Superiors to be trained as they wish this sissy belongs to my Superior
    Your submissive girl,


  32. sissy courtney

    Dear Superiors,

    Thank you for allowing me to be a guest at your house and the opportunity to be a better sissy. This sissy wants to please you and submit to only you, and abide by the proper etiquette you told me to follow.

    Kissing your feet and being bent to your wishes only,


  33. Sissygirl

    Dear Mistress,,
    This sissy has just read all of the Proper Correspondense Etiquit. This little sissy girl knows she needs to be dominated and humiliated during her feminization and eagerly awaits your assignments and direction to bring her from her pathetic current sissy self to the properly trained girl she should be.
    Thank you so much for even considering this sissy girl.

    Yours eagerly,

  34. ali bri chatlklose

    Dear Superiors,

    this sissy slut, should be a bimbo sissy. s.he breaks rules everywhere. s.he humbles self before the feet of the House. Apologies for not being the best girl s.he can be. this sissy begs for training.

    Love kisses feet, curtsey

    sissy ali bri chatlklose

  35. candice

    Dear Mistress,

    Your sissy is very thankful to be accepted by You. This sissy is new to the site, so any help navigating would be very much appreciated! Your sissy is eager to get started on assignments and to make every Superior proud.

    Kisses, Hugs, and Love ,

    Your sissy,


  36. svetlana

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy svetlana has read and understood the proper correspondence etiquette assignment and will follow up with her sissy report soon as possible. s.he can’t wait to start her training with you, to become the perfect sissy, ready to obey, learn and totally be obedient.

    s.he has already made some sissy friends in the chat room and has had the pleasure of chatting to one of your well-schooled sissy, svetlana has noted the bench mark to aspire to now in regards to communication etiquette but hopes Mistress will ensure it will become second nature and set the standards even higher.

    Yours always ,
    sissy svetlana

  37. elisabetta chan

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is new, but eager to learn and serve. This sissy will do what ever is required to the best sluttiest, most obedient girly girl possible.
    This sissy hopes to satisfy Your expectations.

    In submission,

    elisabetta chan

  38. mika

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy has read the entire document on proper correspondence. Thank you so much for giving this sissy the opportunity to be the best sissy s.he can be. S.he won’t let he.r Superiors down.

    With love,

  39. tammy

    This sissy just wanted to write so s.he could tell you how wonderful all Superiors are for making this site, information and guidance available to sissy’s. The s.he has been corresponding with some girls to further her thoughts. S.he will work hard on reviewing assignments and making reports as able to the Superiors. Sissy looks forward to There guidance and trusts that the Superiors will be pleased with progress.

    Thoughtfully, Tammy

  40. sissy goldi

    Dear Mistress,

    Even with a long term Mistress in the past. This sissy slave has learned so much from “”. i thank you and the Staff for this and realize he.r previous four years of training did not stress several important aspects of real humility and desire to serve. s.he is already a better educated an well rounded sissy and s.he has so much more to learn and address.

    i remain
    sissy goldi

  41. andie

    Dear Superiors,
    Thankyou for allowing sissy the privilege of becoming a member of your wonderful website.
    In the coming days and weeks sissy is greatly looking forward to taking on assignments and learning more about being a good sissy.

    Yours sissy andie

  42. Rebecca

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy has been encouraged to join by my wife who believes that my yearning to be a sissy requires formal training and discipline. This sissy has completed the Proper Correspondence Etiquette and begs Mistress to direct sissy to the complete the next stages to help in the feminisation process. As a willing and eager learner, sissy is looking for to earning her badges and princess points and become a shining light to others on how to be a good sissy girl.

    Your humble student


  43. christina

    Dear Superiors.

    this sissy has read the correspondence etiquette, and has understood he.r position. the sissy is looking forward to completing the assignments of the House in a properly humble attitude, and hopes to make great progress as an undeserving servant to the Superior Earthly Goddesses and all other Superiors.

    Your meek sissy girl,

  44. ashley love

    Dear Mistress

    Thank You to all my Superiors for allowing this sissy the privilege and honor of learning from you. This sissy dreams of becoming a proper princess and will be eternally grateful. Much love to my Superiors. Take care.

    Your sissy for life
    Ashley Love.

  45. Michelle

    Dear Mistress,
    This sissy has read Your rules of etiquette and will follow them untold told otherwise.
    This sissy looks forward to serving You.
    Thank You for letting this sissy join

  46. kelli

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy has read and understood the proper correspondence etiquette.
    She cant wait to start her training with you , to become the perfect sissy,
    ready to obey , learn and totally obedient.

    Yours always
    sissy kelli.

  47. Chantel1182

    Dear Mistress,
    This sissy has read and familiarised herself with the proper correspondence and etiquette rules.

    It is this sissies honour to be allowed the opportunity to enter into Your realm.

    This sissy hope they can please you, make sissy friends and develop into the best sissy s.he can be.

    Love and kisses (curtesy)



  48. elmira

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy has read the proper correspondence etiquette and will act accordingly. This sissy is pleased to be trained to be a girl by its Superiors.

    Thank you

    Username: sissyelmira

  49. stephanie

    This sissy is learning everyday, with the help of Her SO/MIstress to learn and obey all the rules as laid out by Her Superiors and to always show humility and respect toward Them. This sissy wants to be the very best sissy that s.he can possibly be. As always-a sissy forever ! (Curtsy)

  50. jane

    Dear Mistresses,


    This sissy would like to thank You for accepting her application to join Your training program.

    This sissy has completed her first task of learning the the correspondence etiquette. she hopes that her reply is pleasing to You and patiently awaits further instructions.

    Thank You Mam,

  51. sissyslave jennie

    Dear Superiors,

    curtsey. This sissy has read, understands, and accepts “Proper Correspondence Etiquette”. she will at all times show proper respect to her Superiors, with no exceptions. sissy curtseys, and thanks her Superiors for Their precious time.

    Love and Kisses curtsey

    sissy slave jennie

  52. bianca marie

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy that day by day is becoming more girlish read and understood very well the corresponding rules and is anxious to continue the training program being your slave for all time.

    Kisses Bianca

  53. barbie

    Dear Mistress,

    this sissy is unworthy but s.he is very aware of this. this sissy has a lot to learn but promises to be a good and dedicated student and practice every day. this sissy realizes more and more each day of he.r lowly status and will act accordingly. s.he is very grateful to be welcomed into this house and will try to become the sissy slave that is required of he.r.

    sincerely, barbie

  54. Sabrinaboy

    Dear Mistresses,

    This closet sissy is ready to obey you. She is really thankful for your acceptance. Please accept her kisses to your royal heels.

    Kind regards & obedience,

  55. girly


    I am a 24/7 sissy to my Mistress, I am always naked in the house and I am caged, which Mistress holds the keys for, I fully understand my role is to serve my mistress

  56. girly


    Just wanted to say that this sissy will work hard to accomplish any and all assignment’s given, these will be overseen by my Mistress here, her name is Mistress Cee. I am a full time sissy with the name of girly. Thanks.


  57. bambi slutty

    Dear Mistresses and Superiors,

    This sissy promises to follow the rules to the best of her abilities. She is glad to be learning from her Superiors and is eager to please Them as They wish!


    Username: BambiSlutty

  58. missy flowers

    Dear Mistress/Superiors,

    This sissy thanks for the opportunity to advance in learning to the best sissy possible. This sissy is a closet sissy and have a couple roommates but still looking to eager learn.



  59. sissy emily

    Dear Mistress,

    this sissy is keeping herself plugged and tucked,
    she is sad because she has to hide her desires to be a sissy, she currently living with her parents and although she came out she faced problems from her family.
    she hopes that in the future she will be able to satisfy all your important needs, for now she will do her best to be trained under these circumstances.

    your sissy

  60. sissy sylvia

    Dear Mistress,
    Your sissy sylvia has read the Proper Correspondence Etiquette and has written down the rules for study. s.he understands her place in society as a slutty sissy whore and will continue to work every day to become the best sissy s.he can be.
    Thank you to my Mistress and to all of the House Superiors for making a place for all of us pitiful little sissies to learn our place in life and for helping us to realize that we are only what our Superiors say we are.
    Love Always, sissy sylvia

  61. Lara Von Danne

    Good evening Mistress,

    This sissy is looking forwards to being your servant and slave and wishes for no more than being able to satisfy your requirements whilst undertaking the journey to complete transformation to the Superior sex. This sissy has been taking the required feminisation treatment and as a result has acquired a reasonable feminine pair of breasts as well as shrinking the abhorrent male sex parts to insignificance. However this sissy needs to be controlled in relation to male part stimulation as feminine thoughts and fantasies can still result in male parts leaking liquid and the need the alleviate that feeling by masturbating. This sissy needs to channel that appropriately with a Superiors instruction. This sissy tries at all times to remain shaved, smooth and as feminine as possible 24hrs a day given it’s circumstances. This sissy has a considerable collection of beautiful feminine clothes, jewellery, wigs and makeup. Pink is this sissy’s favourite colour. This sissy is most certainly submissive and will serve a Superior in any way she can.

  62. dollie

    proper correspondence etiquette
    Dears superiors
    First of all this sissy would like to apologize for her poor eglish but it’s not her language.
    Than this sissy reads all in the proper corrispondence etiquette and understands everything.
    This sissy need to be properly trained by a firmly hand cose she is so slutty
    This sissy swears to obey orders and to be humble.
    Your submissive sissy dollie

  63. ashlyn

    Dear Mistress,

    Your sissy has read the rules of etiquette when corresponding with her Superior. Your sissy has noticed that she continually leaks when logged into the website or thinks about being feminized. After becoming a member of the House of Sissify yesterday, your sissy had a difficult time sleeping with continual thoughts and dreams about being sissified and woke many times with a swollen sissy clit. Your sissy is extremely excited about the journey ahead, but obviously will need to learn better self control.



      1. ashlyn

        Dear Madame Stewart,
        This sissy is very grateful for your response and acknowledgement. As suggested this sissy has submitted he.r request for a Masturbation Schedule and is hopeful that this will deter he.r from future childish habits as sissy is obviously in need of behavior modification.

        Love and light,

  64. kelliisissy

    Dear Mistress,

    Your sissy has read the sissy house etiquette and will follow mistress’s direct orders, kellii will continue to wear panties and behave herself. she will also study the hints at the bottom of this post as they look very important

    Love and Kisses

    Sissy Kellii

    Username: Kelliisissy

  65. alexissy

    Dear mistress,
    This sissy has gone through all the important etiquettes that are required to be a feminine sissy. This sissy is very exited to start her journey towards developing ss s sissy snd suppressing her boyish attitude.
    This sissy needs a lot of help from the house to face the initial problems that rise. This sissy has noticed that her useless boy clit becomes swollen and aroused everytime this sissy logs into her sissy account or does anything related to her feminization. Her boy clit makes it hard to concentrate on her duties and makes her lose her path. Mistress, please advice what this sissy should do to increase control over her worthless boy parts.

    Your submissive girl,

  66. Julie

    Dear Mistress:

    Your sissy is so glad to be a member of Your House and she promises to obey Your every request and be the best sissy You can imagine. She will follow Your orders and do whatever is necessary to be completely sissified and totally subservient to You in every way. This sissy wants You to train her to be the nastiest sluttiest whore possible so that all masculinity has been stripped and gone forever. Thank You again for this wonderful opportunity to meet other girls and have a Superior train us all.
    -this sissy loves and cherishes You
    -sissy julie

  67. Andi

    Dear mistress,

    After reading these rules and regulations this sissy is excited to be on this journey! This sissy would like to thank you for the opportunity!

    Yours indefinitely,

  68. kelly

    Dear Mistress,

    Your sissy has read the rules of etiquette when corresponding with her Superior. Your sissy is excited to start on this journey.

    Your submissive girl,


  69. Laraluv

    Dear Mistress

    Your sissy has read the rules and etiquette for corresponding with her Misstress and her Staff. s/he will read and practice them daily.


    Your sissy laraluv

  70. Michele

    Dear Mistress,

    Thank you for allowing this sissy into your home. This sissy will do he.r utmost best to be the type of obedient sissy you expect all of your sissy to be.

    Obediently yours,

  71. sissy jaqueline

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy is sending her first post after reading through the etiquette and rules pages. Sissy hopes to learn how to properly be the sissy slut she desires to be, but will complete all assignments required of her. She is excited to be on her way to becoming the sissy her Mistress wants her to be.

    Patiently waiting,
    Sissy Jaqueline

  72. tamara

    Dear Mistress,

    I am very greatfull to be here. I wan´t to be the best Sissy ever. I want to work hard for you, I want to be everything that you want. i am yours. Your Sissy.

    I thankfull honar
    Sissy Tamara

    A lot of kisses

  73. trisha kobichenko

    Dear Superiors,
    This Sissy thanks you ever so much for providing the instruction to help this pathetic sissy slut become a respectful and acceptable Sissy. This Sissy will adhere to all rules, regulations and protocols to gain the acceptance of her superiors

  74. rosemary

    Dear Madame Stewart
    Thank you so much for letting this sissy in your house. s.he is both excited and also awed by the life changing training s.he is about to undertake. s.he will endeavour at all times to do very best and to be a credit to the House and its members and its staff.

  75. Sissy kate

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy wants to thank You for allowing her in Your house. S.he will obey and, do her best to please all Superiors. Thank you very much for accepting this sissy into your house.

    Sissy kate

  76. Crissy

    Dear Superiors ,

    This sissy is very glad to have found this site, and Your training. Thank you very much for accepting a sissy like me.S.he will be determined to complete all assignments like a good sissy. Thank you again for helping a sissy achieve her slutty dreams.

    Your sissy always,


  77. Jenny2342

    Dear Mistresses,

    This sissy is very pleased to have discovered this site and is grateful to be accepted into Your house. This sissy is still discovering what makes he.r tick and what he.r ultimate goals are and is lucky to have a place such as this and people such as Yourselves who will accept he.r for who s.he is. Under Your tutelage, this sissy wishes to learn how to become more feminine and submissive so that when s.he meets someone special, s.he can serve Her needs.

    Thank You very much,

  78. pippamartham

    Dear Superiors,

    Thank you for accepting this worthless sissy into your care and training. This sissy wants to be the best slut for strong men and women to use and abuse. Please guide this simple sissy.

    Your submissive girl,


  79. Fernanda

    Dear Superiors,

    Thank you so very much for providing the opportunity to educate this sissy. The lesson was very informative and this sissy is very grateful. S.he will work very hard on all assignments in an effort to please all superiors. Thank you very much for accepting this sissy into your fine house.

    Thank you so much, *curtsey

  80. lexihope

    Dear Superiors,

    Thank you so very much for providing the opportunity to educate this sissy. The lesson was very informative and this sissy is very grateful. S.he will work very hard on all assignments in an effort to please all superiors. Thank you very much for accepting this sissy into your fine house.

    Thank you so much, *curtsey

  81. amber

    Dear Goddesses,
    The sissy humbly thanks You for sharing Your wise instruction. The slut will always strive to show You the proper ettiquite in all correspondence.

    The sissy awaits Your pleasure,

  82. joanne summers

    Dear Mistresses,

    Thank You so much for this lesson. This sissy has so much to learn in order to become a proper sissy and a valuable possession for her future Mistress. she now realizes how important etiquette is in her journey to becoming her true self. she will work hard to please You in future communications. Humbly, joanne

    joanne summers

  83. amber green

    Subject: Proper Correspondence etiquette

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy has read all materials included in the proper correspondence etiquette page. This sissy understands everything that she has read and is very much looking forward to becoming the best sissy that she can be. She promises to work as hard as she can to make her Superiors proud.

    yours in eternal submission
    sissy amber

    username: AmberGreen

  84. princess jimmie

    Dear Mistress, this sissy is very passionate about proper etiquette. sissy learned at an early age how to use the proper utensil at formal and informal dinners. Consequently this sissy know how to properly serve dinner, pour wine, retrieve dishes, serve dessert, pour coffee, etc. sissy works very hard at addressing Women properly even though They aren’t sissy’s Mistress. sissy is always very humble and attentive and respectful to Mistress. Proper etiquette is essential if one is to be a proper sissy. sissy. Mistress demands humility, obedience, devotion, and an attitude of servitude. sissy jimmie

  85. subbyrhi

    Dearest Superiors,
    This little inferior sissy knows that it should, at all times, remain humble and know it’s place in the World.
    It always strives to learn more about the way that it should behave around those that are it’s Betters and hopes that it doesn’t offend anyone at any time

    Yours in complete submission

  86. lil sarah

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is happy to be back in the fold of the House of Sissify, and to begin learning lessons again. Each trip through has revealed new goals and desires for this one.

    Thanks to All of the Superiors for Their guidance.

    sissy sarah

  87. jillie

    This sissy has read the well written and thought out rules and proper etiquette for acting and communication amongst our pretty selves.. She is totally new at this exciting experience but has a deep desire to learn and obey. She has nothing bust respect and love for all her sisters as they live out their dreamlives. She is not sure if she can learn all that needs to be learned as she is very new and shy. Our Superiors understand our lives and wish to serve and obey and this is a high calling of femdom. If more (the m word) could learn about the Divine Feminine and learn how to service, love properly, support and obey women this old world would be a better and more loving place to thrive. This sissy submits these thoughts in all humility. Sissies beautify this world and life and they should be adored in the 21st Century. Please excuse the ramblings of this undersexed her/him in recovery.
    Love all,

  88. princess jonna

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy has now repeated “Proper Correspondence Etiquette” for s.he must remember how to address Superiors. S.he likes to do all this right.
    S.he is thinking that repeatin all the rules and trainings now and then is good for sissies like s.he is.

    Love and Kisses,


  89. mia enthea

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is so thankful and happy to have found a place where she can be free to be her true, feminine, girly self, and hopefully be of use to one or more Superiors soon!
    This sissy is 100% dedicated to making100% sissification an irreversible reality, and she hopes she one day can be acceptable enough to serve a Real Man.

    Heartfelt Thanks,


  90. daisy duke

    It was so wonderful having a special day today it was not easy to hold my pussy juices in since Friday every time I put panties on this sissies clitty would leak precut it was a constant reminder of my submission.
    When my Mistresses clitty finally released her juice it’s shot up in the air on my face and chest I have not reached the ultimate submission swallowing this sissies cum I am hopeful with assignments from a misstress that hopefully someday I will be designated to that she will teach me and forced me different ways to swallow

  91. ameera

    When I was 15 years old, I was wearing underwear that I stole from my sister and then stolen some of the lingerie
    And now I feel that inside me a female wants to go out to the world and say you are not the man you are born to become the most beautiful girl
    I want my dream to come true with the help of the house

  92. lindsey

    I am new to this site although i have been wearing panties and lingerie singe age 12. My Lady has placed me here to be trained. i desire to learn. my place in Her life is to fufill Her Will.

  93. xxxxxxxx

    Dear Superiors,
    this sissy jumps up and down with joy, realising that she has come to a place that she is comfortable in, but also wishing she could please her Superiors whenever she can,
    she cant wait to get started and looks forward to learning and growing into the real sissy she is,

    your sissy bottom


  94. Katie

    Dear superior,

    This sissy is inexperienced not in sissy sex but all else sissy. This sissy would like some assistance in becoming a true bottom sissy slut not only in the bedroom but in other facets of life. Please impart your wisdom upon me.

    Your aspiring sissy, Katie

  95. Saelys

    Dear superiors,

    Thank you for allowing this sissy in the house , she is willing to obey any orders or instructions given.

    This sissy hope to become more feminine thanks to your guidance and assignments

    Love and Kisses


    sissy saelys

  96. lindsey

    Dear Mistress, a Woman asked me out on a date last night. She was treated as my Superior at all times. Opportunities to compliment Her were no missed. She even commented that i was very complimentary and flattering. She shared that She was going thru a divorce and i listened very intently to everything She had to say, reassuring Her that everything would be better after it was all over. Unfortunately, i had to dress as a man and feeling that those clothes no longer suit me..but it was our first encounter and i must inform Her of my sissyhood before She becomes attached. In order to shake the feeling of being in a male role, i immediately went home afterward, dressed in full makeup and dilated with the largest dildo i have. Am happily back in panties and have my breast pump on now enjoying the Feminizing affects of that.

  97. jo-anne

    To: All Superiors,

    This is sissy jo-anne – this sissy is grateful to have been accepted into this environment. It has been a slow realisation for this sissy. Panties are indeed worn daily, in fact, am waiting for some new ones which seem to be on back-order. This sissy has also been taking herbs to enhance feminization and have grown nice sized breasts. Just recently have noticed the movement of my larger buttocks, so things are happening. This sissy looks forward to learning and expanding on what it takes to please Superior Women.


  98. Jennifer Gee

    Hello Madame Stewart:


    I did my first assignment, and (of course) it was wonderful. Bought some feminine products but especially a lovely frilly blouse. thought I would die at the checkout, but instead I was so happy. Please give me more assignments! Your friend and sub Jennifer

  99. ashley love

    Dear Superiors.

    Greetings to all and this sissy hopes everyone is doing wonderful. This sissy just wants to express gratitude for allowing me the privilege of being sissified by the best.

    Thank again with love.

    Your sissy forever,
    Ashley Love

  100. sophie

    Dear Superiors

    Thank you for giving this sissy her first assignment. It gives great comfort to this pathetic part time sissy that s.he knows how not to offend her Superiors with poor etiquette . Please be gentle with this sissy as she accepts Your generous guidance towards her feminzation.

    Your sissy


  101. Jbrady884

    Dear superiors,
    This pantied sissy wants to thank you for allowing me the chance to improve her feminization.
    She has read this assignment and is excited to follow any and all rules.
    Hugs and kisses,

  102. Vanessa12

    Good morning Superiors!

    This sissy had to finally give into her feminine nature. This sissy is far from feminizised but will do whatever it takes to get there. This sissy looks forward to being graced with your knowledge

    Sincerly, Vanessa 12

  103. Brittney89

    Dear Superiors,

    Thank You so much for allowing this sissy to join Your amazing website. she is very excited to learn what it takes to be a sissy. Brittney89 just wants to become the best sissy possible and make The House of Sissify proud!


  104. pansypoof


    This sissy would like to humbly extend he.r eternal gratitude towards the Superiors of this House for admitting he.r into Their Privileged Circle. Your most lowly servant is happy to obey any carry out any orders given, and to be subjected to the strictest possible training, so that s.he may serve in the most professional manner that is deserving to all Superior Beings.

    Yours most submissively,

    jennifer pansypoof

    1. pansypoof

      Apologies for the spelling error. This most undeserving minion is deeply ashamed for disgracing this board with he.r pathetic sloppiness, and shall gladly accept any punishment to correct the errors of he.r ways.

  105. aderyle

    Curtsey to the Superiors,

    this sissy is grateful to have been accepted by the Superiors, as it has been her dream to be train to be a proper sissy in scociety

    This sissy will do her best to please the Superiors , and to try managing her life at the same time.

    In hope the Superiors are pleased.


  106. sissynikita

    Curtsy to the House.

    This sissy is obliged to have been accepted into the House. Even though she is a part time sissy, she would want to learn from the Master and Mistresses of the house. This sissy has deep desire to improve and has faith that the House will help her achieve her goal.

  107. slavepaula

    Dear Superiors of the World,
    This sissy proudly thanks You all for accepting me into Your training regime. As a new sissy student i promise to work hard to further my sissyness and ability to serve all my Superiors to the best of my sissy abilities.
    Your in humble and obedient submission

  108. Tiffany

    Subject: Correspondence Etiquette

    Dear Mistress,

    Your sissy has read and agreed to the correspondence etiquette . Hello to all my Superiors/Mistresses in the House as I am new here this sissy has much to learn & is truly ready to obey & serve my Superiors as they mold me into the best sissy slut I can be. Looking forward to my feminization.

    Love and Kisses ,


    Username: Tiffany85

  109. chloe

    This sissy is very pleased to be accepted into the House of Sissify!

    I have been seeking for a place of refuge online where I can be myself and receive proper guidance from a Mistress or another sissy.

    I am indebted to this site and I hope to be of service.


  110. sissy pussy

    ::: curtsey:::

    Mistresses and Masters,

    This little sissy pussy is learning her place. This community appears to be exactly what a sissy needs. This slaves Mistress is pleased when her “Good Girl” accepts and embraces her little place as an inferior to Real Men and Superior Females.

    The Zen of Servitude is where my little mind should be. Thank You for the lesson.


  111. britneysilk

    Dear superiors, sissy britney wants to thank you for letting me join the House of sissify, I’m always shaved head to toe, keep my toe nails painted bright pink and wear panties 24/7, I would like to be a perfect sissy, I dress pretty every day, sissy britney wants to serve her superiors and please them, curtsy, your submissive sissy britney,

  112. Sissyterrislut

    Dear Mistress

    This sissy is a part time sissy. She enjoys dressing up in sexy clothes and she is feels so good to be submissive. s.he enjoys wearing panties and hosiery every day and is looking forward to being trained to be a even better sissy. A spanking is expected when she is a naughty.

    i have removed all that boy hair from the tips of my toes to tops of my noise. i do keep is clean and smooth and toe nails painted.


  113. kimber

    Dear Mistress,
    This sissy thanks the Staff for accepting such an unworthy sissy to Their School. This sissy drops to her sissy knees, lowering her mindless head begging to be admitted into the School of Sissify.
    Your submissive sissy,

  114. pat

    Dearest Superiors,
    I am just now starting to realize what a great privilege it is to be excepted into your training program. I have read the correspondence etiquette and will follow it. Please forgive my previous non-conforming correspondence and I except gratefully any further critique of etiquette. It is quite a challenge to even remember to curtsy and give you proper acknowledgement superiority.
    your humble sissy

  115. jacqulynn sissygurl


    Dear House of sissify ,

    this boy is honored and humbled to learn at the feet of such Superior Women of/and the house of sissify. Teaching this worthless little boy to surrender the self centered selfish identity ,exposing the fake illusions of masculinity. learn to acknowledge openly and honestly being a sissy .

    this sissy is practising how to curtsy walking sitting and kneel like a real girl.

    always loves wearing panties and only wearing g strings and thong panties for the past 6 months , they look and feel good and mentally re-enforced being a sissy , and learn to think and move like act like a real girl . Knowing real girls are Superior to this sissys always.

    learning a new feminine identity , and a sissys place is in voluntary servitude.

    sincerely your sissy



  116. joanne

    Dear Mistress and all of my superiors ,
    This sissy is so grateful to be accepted for training and he is looking forward to having a mistress choose him for training.
    His commitment is total co operation and guidance with hormone taking, surgery for breasts and testicle removal and advice about managing hormone intake after testicle removal.
    He is also seeking help with finding a real live mistress inAustralia who he can serve and observe all protocols regarding his Sissy life.
    Thankyou for even considering him as a subject.

  117. Sissy Cwissy

    Dear Superiors,

    This wimpy sissy slut is brand new to the world of worship lovely Mistress’s like yourselves. She is so thankful and happy that she was accepted into The House of Sissify. This sissy is ready to give you anything you would like and she is so excited to do so. Please humiliate this sissy however you please. I am nervous but very eager to start this sissy slut training!

    Your wimp little cumslut,


  118. sissy rachel


    Dear Superiors.

    This sissy is excited to be allowed to develop her sissy skills with Your esteemed selves. This sissy is so humble and grateful for the opportunity. S.he has so much to learn but is committed to becoming a feminized submissive sissy. S.he is letting go of he.r male ego while taking this incredible journey to become the sissy s.he has always tried to fight.

    This sissy slave looks forward to any task, instruction or punishment You think s.he deserves. This sissy swears he.r loyalty to he.r Superiors and the House.

    Thank You so very much, this sissy is so happy right now. He.r dreams are coming true.

    Love and hugs

    sissy rachel


  119. SissyMia92

    Dear Superior

    This sissy is to have been very proud of was added to the house. She will always fulfill all tasks for satisfaction of women.
    She hopes here to become a proper Sissy and learn everything connected with it.

    Your submissive girl


  120. SissyNikki34

    To: All the Wonderful Superior Woman on this site

    sissy loves the site, and the instruction is wonderful. sissy is just getting in to the site and would love to be more involved, anyway this sissy can help please let me know.
    sissy curtsies
    Thank you for your time,

  121. janet sissy

    Dear: Mistress

    This sissy is very excited and happy about being accepted into sissy training. This sissy will try her best to please her Superiors and have read and understand the proper correspondence etiquette.

    Your loyal sissy
    sissy janet sissy

  122. JessInRubber87

    Dear Superiors.

    This sissy is very shy about it’s existence. It lives in the shadows and dark corners of it’s own home and has never seen the light of day. This sissy hopes that someday a wonderful Master or Mistress will lead this sissy out in the open world as a transformed, gleaming and proud rubber sissy. Thank you so much for accepting this sissys application to the House of Sissify.



  123. Brie

    Subject: Proper Correspondence Etiquette

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy has read ando understands the Proper Correspondence Etiquette. This sissy would also like to take this chance to express her excitement to be allowed to be trained by the Superiors at the House of Sissify. This sissy looking forward to bother challenge of the training of her Superiors.


    Thank You


    Username: sissybri23

  124. jessica

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is so very excited to start her training. She has dreamed of this since she was still in high school, but she never gathered up the courage to actually take the first step. This sissy hopes to learn all about the proper ways of femininity from her Mistresses.
    This sissy is a teacher, so dressing is very difficult outside her house, but she desperately wants to become feminine enough to dress without suspicion. She is a very large sissy (6’4, 225 lbs), and hopes her Superiors can help give her a more girlish figure.
    This sissy cannot wait to begin, and wishes to thank her Superiors in advance for their assistance!

    sissy Jessica

  125. sissy kylie

    Dear Superiors

    This sissy just wanted to tell You how excited s.he is to be back with The House. s.he is taking training with the utmost commitment as s.he has already thrown out all those yucky Mens underwear and is exclusively in panties as the curriculum has stated. This sissy would also like to let The Staff know s.he learned how to tuck and has been tucked, pantied, and plugged now for 15 hours and it is amazing. sissy cannot wait to be an excellent student for Superiors and is looking forward to getting to the place where s.he will be sold into servitude.

    Thank you Staff

    sissy kylie (curtsy)

    username: sissy kylie

  126. johanna ameling

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy has had the privilege of reading through the Proper Correspondence Etiquette page. She understands what is expected of her and thanks her Superiors for making it known to her as well. It will always be followed and respected.

  127. Josie123

    Dear Superiors

    This sissy has read through the Propery Correspondence Etiquette and understands what is expected at all times by her Superiors. She is very grateful to have been given this opportunity and looks forward to learning and growing as a sissy from her Superiors



  128. jamiefemme

    Dearest Superiors –
    this sissy is very grateful for the chance, at last, to realize what it is like to be totally and completely surrendering my sissy self to the rigorous training and full Obedience to every Mistress, Superiors, and Staff of The House of Sissify. *Curtsies and Love*.

    Your most Obedient servant,
    sissy jamiefemme.

  129. SissyNikki34

    To my Superiors: Thank You

    Dear Superiors, thank you so very much for the instructions, there was much I was unaware of, and much I should have known. I am kind of new, haven’t spent the time on here I should have in my first month, I will be reading every instructional area you have. I just wanted to thank everyone here for making such places like this possible. Your humble sissy
    sissynikki34 (curtseys)

  130. cassie mae

    Dear Superiors,

    Sissy cassie mae is pleased to submit her full physical and emotional state to you. She has faith that you all will help her become her true sissy self. She has hidden it too long and it’s time for her release. Thank you for what your about to do for this sissy bitch princess.

    Yours truly, cassie mae

  131. subby debbie

    My Wonderful Superiors,
    I have to let you know how wonderful I feel have joined the house.I will work so hard to be the best sissy i can be and with Your guidance I am sure I will improve as a sissy.
    Forever your obedient worthless slut. Subby Debbie.

  132. Rachel foryou

    Dear Superiors

    sissy rachel feels very greatful she has found such a beautiful house. Finally…a place for sissy rachel to learn to be a good little sissy. She felt lost. But now she feels found. I may be a little shy at first or at times but does look forward to an adventure from time to time.

    sissy rachel is very much a novice, and after exploring Superiors beautiful House the last few weeks, she thinks she is ready to learn more. sissy rachel is ready to comitt herself to the Superiors and the house for a full year term.

    This feels like a big step for this wannabe sissy. But she will do her best to take that step and many more, like a good little sissy. As a sissy.

    sissy rachel has so much to learn and is excited to have an opportunity to please the House, it’s Superiors and the lovely sissy gurls she has and will meet.

    sissy rachelforyou

      1. Rachel foryou

        Thank you Ms. Stewart
        Everything is so new for this sissy.
        I have so many questions and curiosity.
        I have so very much to learn.
        I hope to please the House and it’s Superiors. Everyday.
        sissy rachel (is) foryou

  133. leslay

    Dear House of Sissify,

    This sissy proudly thanks her Superiors for accepting her as a new sissy and looks forward to serving and pleasing all her Superiors,

    With respect your submissive sissy,


  134. sissyslutbarbie

    Dear House Superiors,

    This sissy kneels while thanking you for your generousity in accepting this pathetic sissy slut back inside the House where s.he can resume her sissy slut feminization training.

    Submissively and obediently yours eternally,


  135. yvettes

    Dear superiors,

    That Sissy is pleased to submit and to become what she is born. Become a submissive girl is my new ideal and my destiny. Being a woman for her. Live for her . Submitted to her. Sissy is my future and my destiny. This sissy is your.

  136. maia, the maid

    greetings to all Superiors/Mistresses !
    You will probably not get the same writings from me as You do from the other lovly gurls . sissy-t is getting used to, being in here, and that can take some time.
    this is very new and sissy-t are a little affraid of the great new world in here. this gurl could make a fault at first, so please bare with this affraid little gurl. sissy-t has the greatest respect for the house an its Mistresses/Superiors !
    sissy-t will leave you alone now. thanks for looking at this comment

  137. wishfullsandi69

    good day MIstress
    this sissy is excited on her new life and wishes to serve all Mistresses with no regret . In regards to this sluts lingere she has not worn panties for several years now . would Mistress allow slut sissy to wear thongs instead of panties> the feel of that strap pressed very tightly in crack is very stimulating. would it please mistress is this slut wore them instead as they do make this whore feel very feminine in addition it does make sissy feel a lot more like a owned slut even thou this sissy does not have an owner yet

  138. maya

    Dear Mistresses. it is called maya sissy. She has read and understood and analyzed servitude. She understood that it must be subject to her mistress, she ‘re living his life , his inspiration and purpose. It promise to be perfect for her. Maya was alone in the world is lost . Now she finds find her guide and surrenders completely to her. She waits to follow your instructions. She will be there for her sisters and especially does not want to shame them . She failed in his masculinity. Maya want you to guidier and save his life. Maya your subject .

  139. Jessicaslut

    Dear Superiors,
    This beginner sissy is ready to obey all of your orders and hopefully transform into a beautiful and submissive panty slut. She is super excited to explore her feminine side for your approval and instruction. Dressing like a girl and starting to collect sexy and feminine lingerie is hopefully just the beginning of a new life of servitude to my superiors. This is one sissy who is ready to do whatever you ask just for the privilege of prancing around like a slut in my girly things whenever you allow it. Thank you Mistress’s, thank you.
    Love & kisses,

  140. ddina

    Dear Superiors

    Im here, to change my whole life, im ready to do anything how is impossible, to be more feminine and more Girlie. Im just doing Ballet, and belly dancing, and that is really nice. I know a girl from chile, she like men in women dresses^^. I got a lot of stuff to be more feminine, i can do makeup too :).
    Im doing at home a girlie life 🙂
    love and kisses,

    sissy ddina

  141. hailey

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is new, but eager to learn and serve. This sissy will do what ever is required to the best sluttiest, most obedient servant it can be. This sissy needs the Superiors to do this, so this sissy hopes you will help her.

    In submission,


  142. cheryl divine

    Dear Mistress,

    I am so glad to be under your guidance. I am looking foward to learing from all of your experiance. I will do anything you ask. Thank you for the privilage of serving you.

    Your submissive girl,


  143. lorena84

    Dear Superiors,

    this sissy is so grateful for the opportunity of training. This sissy is italian sissy, and she not speak (and write) English very well, but she engages to learning the Language and all the tasks assigned.

    sissy lorena

  144. lusty lexie

    To my many Superiors,

    This sissy wishes to convey he.r desire to better serve he.r GODDESS (OWNER) in a more structured manner. This would include appropriate subservience and respect befitting my GODDESS’ position in my life. This sissy hopes to be able to do this in a manner that will provide ideas, and methods for my useful servitude to her in the limited manner this sissy is able to.

    Thank you all you your time!!!

    TIA’s bottom bitch (till she gifts this sissy with he.r feminine name)!!!!

  145. Sexii Lexi

    Dear Superiors,

    This sissy is so grateful for The Superiors of this wonderful site. You Woman are what this sissy hopes to become one day; strong and confident, until then this sissy will try his.her best to opese every Superior Woman.

    Thank you,
    sexi lexi

  146. StephanieS

    This sissy longs to serve her Superiors consistently and humbly. It is my fondest wish to learn, accept and grow as one who deserves Your training.

    Your totally submissive girl,

    Stephanie S

  147. sararedplumplips

    This is the first time here for this sissy girl. She wants to be transformed into a sissy slut sex toy as quickly as possible.

    Sissy is waiting patiently for her first commands from her Goddess Mother Superior is she can spare the time to train this worthless, weak, plump, sissy girl.



  148. helene

    Dear Mistress,
    This sissy is prepared to obey all instruction and orders, this sissy is ready. Please make me be a right sissy. She likes dressing up. Have no masculine feelings anymore and enjoy the female orgasms but she has difficulty in implementing female skills in evryday life.

    Truly your sissy,


  149. lacey

    Dear House of Sissify

    This is sissy lacey. Comprehending Your Proper Correspondence Etiquette . In this sissies words. If so permitted. This sissy is simple and humble in the presents of Superiors in the House of Sissify. This sissy begs on my knees to be allowed to learn ways to better my sissy self in the art of serving Queen Master. Wife and owner of this sissy. Sissy does what s.he is told to the best of he.r ability when asked or told by Queen Master. Where this sissy needs help in? Is the total mental change that this sissy needs. Of thinking only of Queen Master and Her desires. Placing this sissies thoughts for him self deep inside or better yet let go of selfish thought altogether. House of Sissify this sissy has a true calling deep inside he.r to serve. This sissies fight is with he.r male ego.

    To serve
    lacey sissy

  150. sissymartine


    Dear Mistress and Superiors of the house

    This sissy is eager to please you all through obedience and respect for how wonderful your are – curtsey
    Thank you for accepting this sissy and s.he is wearing panties and sissy anklet knowing that Mistress will train in to the sissy s.he desires to be – curtsey

    sissy martine – truly yours

  151. aspiring slave

    Dearest Superiors,

    Thank you graciously for accepting this sissy into your program. S.he will work hard to complete all of he.r obligations and serve as humbly as possible.

    Thank You

  152. melanie elizabeth

    Dear Mistress,

    This sissy is very happy that she is able to participate in this wonderful world with you. She cannot wait to find out what she must do next to satisfy her mistresses.

    Curtsying for you,


  153. slut sheila

    Subject: Proper Correspondence Etiquette

    Dear Superiors of the House

    This sissy slut made several mistakes on he.r profile prior to reading Proper Correspondence Etiquette. slut apologizes and s.he has now gone through and updated he.r profile several times accordingly. Thank you for this first opportunity to improve and acknowledge that i am the submissive slut and you are the Superiors.

    love and kisses

    Slut Sheila

  154. princess jonna

    Dear Superiors,

    Your sissy has now studied properly ‘Proper Correspondence Etiquette’. Sissy found some mistakes made earlier, but promises to follow Etiquette now.
    sissy jonna is very sorry what has happened but lessons learned now.

    love and kisses,

    sissy jonna

  155. alyssa caitlin

    Dear Mistress and Board Members

    This sissy is thankful for acceptance into this house to learn her proper place. This sissy is willing and commits to obeying all orders and instructions giving, this sissy knows it is in the best interest of her Superiors that she be aware of her place. This sissy is at all times tucked and properly attired,

    Your subservient sissy

  156. caress

    Dear Mistress,

    Thank you so much for Your femail. The path to complete femininity is a long and hard undertaking, the very thought sinks to the pit of the stomach. Of course, such fear must be overcome. This sissy understands some of the difficulty, but certainly not all, and thus she needs help, and most of all, she needs Your wisdom. So whatever You tell me to do, this sissy will do.

    Your humble servant,
    sissy caress

  157. sissy angela

    Dear Mistress,

    Thank you for allowing this pathetic sissy cockslut the opportunity to be a subordinate of this amazing place. I hope this sissy can prove to please you and my other superiors to my best ability.


    Sissy Angela

  158. amy

    Dear Superiors of the House

    Thank you for allowing me into the House to help this sissy with her training to become a better sissy, she looks forward to the help, guidance and supervision of her Superior Ladies of the house throughout her training in the quest to become a worthy sissy to any future Mistress.

    Thank You
    sissy amy

  159. sissy jilly

    Thank u to the house for allowing this sissy b in the same house a my mistress. This sissy is willing to do what it take to make my mistress happy. And help me b better sissy for my wife.

    Love ur sissy julia

  160. sissypaulette

    This sissy is so grateful to be able to communicate with such Superior women. Thank you.

    This sissy has so much to offer but so so much to learn. Ultimately I’d like to eventually serve my vanilla wife and would require ideas to possibly breach the subject to her that this is a sissy .

    For now I think it’s best to subscribe to this wonderful site and to use it as a means of educating my sissiness going forward,

    Thank you

  161. heather

    I love feel of female cloths they are so soft. Today I did some shopping for bras, panties , a slip, some pantyhose and some more makeup. To night I am going out and try to suck cock and maybe get fuck up my ass. Last night I found a guy willing to let my suck him of.

  162. stacy

    Thank you so much for allowing this sissy to become part of your establishment. This sissy looks forward to a long and rewarding submissive relationship on her path to true happiness.
    This sissy is so happy. Thank you so much.

  163. lisa

    This sissy wants to thank you so much for scheduling my wanking day on saturday. my Mistress allows me to have Her key this one day a week when she goes to work. i just have to show Her what i have done when she comes home. does this please you Mistress?

  164. addy

    Mistress, I love dressing up as a sissy, with full makeup, especially if I am wearing one of my favourite latex dresses, that makes my clltty so hard.

  165. Lisa

    Dearest House of Sissify
    The best part of being on a masturbation schedule is You allowing this sissy slut to untuck her little sissy clitty for a few minutes each week.
    Thank You so much , Sincerely, Sissy slut lisa

  166. jenny

    This Sissy is pleased to have read the introduction set of rules Supior’sand regulations set by The Superior’s.

    With respect your submissive sissy

  167. AmberSky

    Dear Mistress,

    this sissy just wanted to thank you for the introductory writeup. Now this girl is thinking she may understand how to properly serve her Superior, should Superior make contact.

    Your subservient sissy, (amber)

  168. sissy erica

    Hello my beautiful Superior, this pathetic sissy is so thankful for the opportunity to write to you. i have been a closet sissy for 4 years and a chastised sissy for almost 6 girly months. There is nothing that would make me feel prettier, sissier, or more submissive than being accepted by Your site. sissy needs the guidance of a Mistress because sissy has been lacking the discipline to follow through with its sissy tasks. Hearing from such Superior Women would make my sissy clit squirm in it’s tiny cage.
    Pantied sissy faggot erica

  169. stefanifaye

    Your Panty-slave is often mocked for her femininity by strangers, even when she isn’t properly dressed. This encourages her to work even harder to become ever more feminine, because she knows Superiors want this for her. Your slave loves to please her Superiors, happily submitting to every humiliation her Superiors force upon her. Panties are Your slave’s only underwear; she doesn’t own even one piece of men’s underwear. Is this pleasing to You?

  170. wanda wannabe

    Dear Superiors, this wanna be sissy asks permission to be recieved by You’re site. this sissy wanna be’s name is wanda, she is a masculine married man on the outside that has always wanted secretly be a full time chaste crossdresser sissy slave but sissies Wife wants nothing to do with sissies femmininity. this sissy is stuck in this situation. would You please make Your Superior thoughts be known? sincerely Yours …wanda wannabe (sissy)

  171. Pat Langton

    I would like some help in my transition that I have already started is this possible sincerely and on awe of all women and the power women possess of I am considered a worthy candidate who can be taught to please i need a lot of guidance sincerely Christina.

  172. tammy

    Hello to all my Superiors/Mistresses in the House as I am new here this sissy has much to learn & this sissy is truly ready to obey & serve my Superiors as they see fit this sissy has been dressing since 11 yrs old but secretly but now a mature cd who truly wants to be the fem sissy he/she has always wanted to be this sissy will obey anything my Superiors want me to do or to be this sissy bows to my Superiors to be trained as they wish this sissy belongs to my Superiors in this Their House Thank You with humility tammy your sissy in her panties always

  173. bobbie

    I like what I have been reading so far, on how well some of these other sissies are, so well behaved, I too would like the feeling of being a sissy, to bow down to my superiors, be humiliated, being called a pussy would definitely fit my character, and I would welcome the idea of my female superior to have me suck other mens cock would be wonderful experience.
    But can you please tell me what I should put down for a web site.
    Thank you bobbie

  174. stefanifaye

    What an honor to have a chance to beg Superiors for permission to serve their whims! The most delicious pleasure is being made the property of a Woman! While proving how stupid she is, this pussy admits she wants to become as feminine as her Owner, and hopes her Mistress will force her to feminize ‘too fast’ and humiliate herself – just for her Mistress’s pleasure! Being called a ‘pussy’ in the most insulting way by women makes this submissive panty-slave love being feminized even more! This sissy is unworthy of having sex with women, and her Mistress rewards her slave by commanding her to suck dicks, if she’s been pleasing to her Mistress!

  175. pinkbeeme

    Dear Superiors,

    i received an acceptance letter but no pass word. i do so want to serve and learn, i have been riding the wave for over a week with no release and learning to be a better girl.

    i have removed all that boy hair from the tips of my toes to tops of my fingers. i kept a neatly trimmed patch.

    For the past 5 years i have been a 24/7 panty wearer and i always squat to potty. i so want to embrace more of this lifestyle and serve.

    Can You would You please please please with sugar on it help me to figure out what i need to do to become an inside girl.

    Thank You in advanced ….curtsy’s and blushing cause i am too confused to figure out out to get inside,


  176. Esta

    Sehr geehrte Herrin entschuldigen Sie bitte meine ungezogene schreibweise leider ist meine wenigkeit unter keinerlei kontrolle darum möchte die kleine dumme Esta die nächsten Wochen in der Wohnung üben ein Braves Dienstmädchen zu sein in demut
    Esta das aschenputtel

  177. sven

    Pretty panties are this sissy’s favorite and a spanking is expected when she is a naughty li’l sis to her Superior. This sissy wishes her Superior took more control although Superior does sometimes buy Her sissy sexy lacy satin panties and makes sissy model them. Once sissy was afraid and said no and got a terrible spanking on her pussy from Superior’s Mum. Mum enjoys sissy more than Superior and is a stern disciplinarian. sissy needs this but would like it more from Superior as She is the One little panty sissy adores and fears so much.

  178. sophie

    Dear MIstress,

    This sissy is a part time sissy. She enjoys dressing up in sexy clothes and she is wondering why it feels so good to be submissive and feminine. She still enjoys embracing her masculine, being dominant, assertive, and source of strength, when not being a sissy. She has no desire to become a full time woman and loves the masculine qualities in her. She would like to know why this is so. How come it feels soo good to be a sissy once in awhile? xoxo. Please impart your wise knowledge Mistress.

    Your submissive girl,


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