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Report 1064 – Face

triciadale | 12.07.2010 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissyÍs make-up regime now takes under fifteen minutes. It is important that (s)he can do it quickly since (s)he is always desperate to get out in the public eye and have some fun. (S)he does however like to look her best so concentrates hard and hates to be disturbed while (s)he is doing it. (S)he will top up every three hours or so while (s)he is out, either in the ladies or using her/his little make-up mirror which lights up.

Sissy gets out of bed, puts on her/his girly pink dressing gown, washes, shaves and cleans her/his teeth. By far the longest process is the shaving as (s)he tries to get as close a shave as (s)he can. Then (s)he dresses, gets the make-up out of its bag and places it, in order, on the bed which is next to the dresser. Behind it (s)he puts the jewellery which (s)he has picked out to compliment the outfit (s)he will be wearing. Finally (s)he will choose which handbag (s)he is to carry and move all the crucial items: purse, camera, notebook, pen, glasses, tissues, keys and perfume into it. (S)he always dresses first because putting on clothes after make-up may smudge and ruin it. She is at last ready for the make-up which (s)he adores doing.