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Report 1066 – sissyNails

triciadale | 12.22.2010 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Sometimes, to achieve the level of sissiness desired, there is only one thing for it. You have to cheat. Although this sissy is quite proficient at doing his/her own nails (s.he should be, s.he has been doing them for over a year), s.he cannot reach the level of expertise s.he is looking for. S.he therefore shrugs his/her shoulders, swallows his/her pride (for a change)and makes an appointment with the beautician.

Yes; this sissy now has a beautician; as should all sissies. S.he visits Lilly every month and really looks forward to being pampered. S.he also gets involved in lots of very girly chat with the beauticians and their customers. His/her nails will take about forty five minutes but s.he will likely have some other treatments as well.