Beauty Secrets

Report 1075 – Face

eva-3 | 01.25.2011 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Today this sissy learned how to put on makeup. I should start with concealer to hide away any blemishes on my face, applying using my fingers and to spread in a circlelar motion and to use a color lighter then my foundation. Then I want to add my foundation, but I want to be careful to find on that matches my skin tone, I want to make dots over my face with the foundation pad then rub it in with my fingers around my whole face. To add blush to my face, I should make a smile and find my ñapplesî of my cheeks and apply on the apples or below, I found a nice pink would go so so nicely on my face. After I have laid down my foundation and added some blush I want to find a nice light color lipstick, because of my light skin color, I think a nice light bright red would work super great for me. Then to use a lip pencil to make sure my lipstick doesnÍt bleed out from my lips. But my favorite is a nice bright pink lip gloss, I think I really would bring out my face. And a must before I apply all of this to my face, I should clean and moisturize.