Report 1076 – Face

Beauty Secrets
Thank You for reading this sissy report on this sissy's work toward having a pretty, girlish face...yesterday, s.he had her second laser treatment to get rid of the nasty facial hair and to "plump up" the natural collagen in face. It will take a little time for the hair removal to take effect but pores are already tighter and smaller. s.he is also on a strict exfoliating and moisturizing regimen using alpha hydroxy to tighten pores and a good neutrogena moisturizer twice a day. s.he is also making sure to use lip balm at all times to keep her lips soft. s.he has color correcting concealers and went to the mall and got the proper foundation and powder for skin which is more yellow toned than s.he realized. (doing that made nervous and a man walked by giving a dirty look but oh well....) s.he buys her makeup from Sally's Beauty Supply where s.he has a membership and has found one Woman there who will give her little tips like on how to block out eyebrows (which she's not good at yet) although s.he does have a couple things from Mac (a paint pot and primer and some smoothing cream to fill in lines). her brushes are okay -- her powder brush is quite nice.
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