Report 329 – sissyNails

Beauty Secrets
When starting here this one read this assignment. Since she didnÍt at the time have any nails it was pasted over. It was only after she had bitten one of them once to often that she made a decision to grow them. Looking at the false nails while shopping, this one made the choice of being as real as she could. SomethingÍs have to be fake, but others donÍt and all she had to do was stop bitting them and they would grow of their own accord. So now this one started to let her nails grow. It took a lot of work to get out of the habit of cleaning up chipped edges with her teeth and just to stop chewing them at all. For months this one was forever berating her self, ñget your fingers out of your mouthî she would scream at her self. As time past her nails did grow and the longer they got the easier it seemed not to chew them. As they past the end of her finger tips, this one was amazed at the new sensation from feelings of them; she had never had long nails before and promised herself to take good care of them. Easier said then done.
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