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annielou | 08.13.2006 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

annielou would like to submit first steps in doing her acrylic/gel nails done by h.erself. As long and rounded, feminine nails are a must for annielou, she got tired of the stick-on nails (they fall quite often). s.he purchased an acrylic/gel nails do-it-yourself kit. Although s.he is still learning, s.he is very proud of being able to keep those nails permanently cured and polished, and they don’t fall.

As You will see on the attached pics, annielou is still learning, but s.he’s sure that within’ a few weeks s.he’ll manage it well and her nails will be 100% well done and polished,and the tips won’t be noticed, as it happens now in some nails (lack of practice).