Beauty Secrets
sharon_cds | 07.10.2007 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

sissy sharon would like to submit her sissy Nails report. sissy has been manicuring her nails (toes and fingers) for a while now. Every week after her beauty shower sissy sits in the bathroom and paints her nails. sissy did not get any special instructions from a magazine as the House instructs but rather repeats what she saw her Wife do. After the shower sissy removes the old polish using a polish remover. She then cleans under her toes with an orange stick. The big toes usually need more cleaning. After that sissy applies files the to and finger nail. sissy is not growing her nail long so there is very little filing to do. sissy then applies nail polish to her toes (red in winter, clear in summer) and clear nail polish to her finger nails. If nails are painted in red sissy waits 10 minutes and then applies a 2nd coat to her toes.