Report 648 – Swimsuits for Sluts

Beauty Secrets
sissy prescinna is so excited about sissy's new pink one piece swimsuit, and very grateful to the Superiors of the House for their encouragement and well thought lessons toward sissification. sissy had not intended to purchase this lovely feminine garment, and had gone to a second hand store originally to buy a printer cable and power chord. sissy found just what sissy needed, and noticed the checkout line was quite long, and drifted into the ladies wear section. sissy looked and touched a number of very sexy blouses, and meandered to the racks with swimsuits. There were several hundred on the four racks of various sizes from small to XL. sissy noticed a woman in her mid forties giving sissy a strange fleeting glance. sissy felt so embarrassed, but was intrigued by the thought of wearing a swim suit. Suddenly there it pink, so stretchy, so very, very feminine. sissy felt a sissy clitty tingle when sissy pulled if out from its companions, and laid it over the top of the circular gleaming rack. sissy was surely blushing with a very sissy feeling of both humiliation of being viewed by at least two other women there and the excitement of finding something so suited for sissy.
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