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Report 761 – Face

jessih | 06.23.2008 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

To complete this assignment, this one went to the local mall dressed in a breezy blue spaghetti-strap tank, denim shorts and sandals. Also, freshly and closely shaved.

At the MAC counter, this one was assisted by a very helpful young technician. As it was slow right then and as this one indicted she was interested in buying make-up for both a day and an evening look, she gave this one two make-overs. The day look features a medium tone crme foundation covered with powder a shade darker, to help hide the beard shadow. The blush is a light pink, highlighted with pearl under the cheekbone to help give that ñapple cheeksî look. The eyes are framed in kohl, with the lid shaded in a light pink/roseÍ and the brow line highlighted with pearlescent off-white (called ïShroom, this one loves it!). The mascara is plain black and lengthening. The lips are finished with a matt pink, with a pink gloss layer.