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cheerleader | 07.20.2008 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

i read my assignment and just couldn’t wait to become a bikini bimbo. i found my flower type a tulip. All those days at the gym paid off.
i went down to the mall walked into the bikini hut. i stood for a moment scared and excited at the same time. a young girl walked up and asked if she could help me. i almost couldn’t get the words out but a mewed out a yes. she asked how? i told her i need a bikini. she asked for my wife or girlfriend? i almost said yes but mewed out no for me. i turned red she giggled but said whatever. i felt better when she didn’t mind or tease me. she eyed my size and made some suggestions. i found a pink string bikini with little white daises on it. then i saw this little sun dress white with pink flowers had to get it. she rang me up and i left all excited.