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Report 940 – Face

lindamarie | 09.26.2009 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear House Of Sissify, this sissy would like to thank you for her latest assignment.

sissy recently took a trip to nordstroms where after a brief stop at the lingerie department where sissy was shocked by some of the prices she saw after realizing that sissy was out of her league sissy headed to the cosmetic department to work on her assignment. after reading her assignment sissy wanted to find out about getting some good brushes and some new blush to replace her old blush shes had for ever. it didn’t take Miss casey long to come to the aid of your sissy. sissy explained that she was working with the House of Sissified and that she was in the need of assistance. sissy explained what she was looking for and that she was on some what of a budget.