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Report 950 – sissyNails

ericaann | 10.15.2009 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissy got her nails done today. she started the morning out by taking a nice long bubble bath using nice sent soaps, she washed and condition her hair with herb essences so it would also smell nice. she put her favorite matching pair of pink panties and camisole. sissy used a maxi pad with wings to keep her little sissy-clit neatly tucked away. she next put on a pair of WomenÍs jeans (regular leg) that hugged her body but were loose enough if the legs that she could roll them up. she drove to the local mall to salon for her pedicure and manicure, upon arrival at the salon sissy nervously approached the counter ask for her desired services. sissy was the first customer of the day but soon after other Women began to arrival and i felt them looking at me funny like what was i doing there. sissy took off my shoes and sat in the pedicure chair and began to soak her feet and then the pedicurist Mary began to do Her magic, there was a look of surprise when She that this sissyÍs toes had a lovely shade of rose polish on them that She had to remove. She completed the pedicure and asked if i would like them repainted, and i said ñyes please, a shade similar to what i hadî.