Report 953 – sissyNails

Beauty Secrets
Curtsey and here is my assignment going to V-Nails salon. i called ahead to ask if a man was allowed to come in for a manicre and they said sure no problem. i explained further i was a actually a sissy in training and would like to get Hot pink on my nails and when was a slow time to come? i was told mornings were best and make the appointment under the name sissy and she laughed and said she looked forward to meeting me and again laughed. i arrived and was asked may i help you and there were only two women there , each working on customers. i choked out yes i have an appointment for "Sissy" they both looked at one another while the customers seemed not interested. That was okay with me. i was told to well sissy take a seat and we will be with you in a few minutes. i was so embarressed but sat down and only magazines were womens!! i was next and explained shyly i was being trained in the art of femininity? said mw wife was not happy with me and was going to get some use out of me cleaning , cooking etc..(yes all lies , did not know what else to say?When she started putting the color on she would just keep saying you should get some attention with this color and laughed nicely. She was very friendly over all and had fun with me i ended up the only one there - thank goodness and was so wet and i hope you get a chance to read my assignment report?
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paula teevee

Thank you so much for accepting this pathetic sissy into your wonderful world. paula has only been under your wing a week but already feels she has improved as a sissy. She loves the Feminisation Erotica imagining that the… Read more “paula teevee”