wetgoodnites | 10.27.2019 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Sissy had the opportunity to go swimming at a public pool. She was scared, because she wore her one piece in public for the first time. She chose a one piece because she believes her body is in the category of the begonia. Of course, she was properly shaved and tucked. No one gave her any second looks, and she even used a stall in the women’s locker room to change.


  1. Hello Mistress,

    Thank you for your time Mistress. This has made me realize when first read that my confidence in myself to dress fully anr passable is extremely in need of work. Personally I am extremely scared to go out in public as my desired self although i so badly want too. Mistress i understand my worth is low right now but this sissy realizes sh.e needs to stop beating myself down so much over my life and looks. Mistress i understand my worth will never be worth yours but with more confince within myself, training, and some support this sissy will give he.r best from here out on my confidence in going out in public as my true sissy self.
    Thank you again Mistress
    Alexis Marie

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