Secret Sissy
kellylv9 | 10.01.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

This sissy is a secret sissy. s.he was married a few months ago and not long afterwards, started to wear her wives clothing. s.he felt so sexy in the lingerie, dresses, silk panties and thongs, and yet very feminine and submissive. This sissy wore a nightgown to bed while her wife was gone and missed having someone to hold her in bed. s.he sometimes wears makeup along with the clothes and sends out photos to her girl-friend, who is lesbian. Although s.he puts on makeup, this is something that this sissy needs to get better at doing as s.he does not know how to blend and layer very well. Is there anything that can be recommended to this sissy? s.he holds her wife’s bags when she is shopping and tries to take really good care of herself. Because s.he is in school and has normal relationships, s.he is not able to come out as a sissy, although the thought of having a mistress and being fem really excites her. This sissy has ordered new lingerie for her wife that s.he secretly really can’t wait to try on for herself when s.he gets home from her trip. This sissies wife is working now which means that s.he can be at home cooking and cleaning like a sissy should be doing, but s.he would rather have a mistress to tell me to do these things.


  1. Curtsey,
    Hi Madame Stewart. This sissy will work on your suggestions. S.he continues to honor her superior and clean, but s.he still has yet to buy her own lingerie and has a lot to learn about makeup. This sissy will plan to complete the Pretty Face Assignment next while wife is at work this week. This sissy looks forward to learning more about makeup.
    Yours Truly,

  2. Honey, I have a problem with you buying lingerie for your Superior just so you can wear it. No! No! No! Buy your own lingerie girl. If it’s a gift for your Superior, it’s a gift for Her. It’s just disrespectful to offer something as a gift with the deceit of it being for yourself. So as your Staff Mistress, I tell you these things:
    1. Keep cleaning.
    2. Honor your Superior!
    3. Buy your own lingerie!
    4. Do the Pretty Face Assignment to learn more about makeup.

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