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Submission is your mission.

Good girls submit their Reports after working diligently on their sissy Training Assignments! With this important section of the House, We can see, discuss and participate in your sisters discoveries into their girlish selves. Have questions about your Asssignments? Excuses as to why you haven’t completed them yet? Meet Us in the Assignments Group to discuss!

House Grading Curve

You did just the bare minimum hoping for praise. Non enthusiastic. Poorly written.
Understood the intent. Well written. Possibly missing photo essay.
It’s all there. Intent. Writing. Photo Essay. Enthusiasm. Our accolades.

Ready to Submit your Report sweetie?

The Latest Submissions


Taking it all in: A reflection on one’s submissive journey.

This sissy now makes love as any gay woman would, her pussy and tits now her only forms of pleasure ...
anal sex

sissies most prized asset

andrea dreams of having a Mistress too please ...
shaved sissy

smooth jane

This sissy just luvs crawling between the sheets with hairless legs. The feeling is so astounding comfy ...

Transformation through sissy masturbation

Now this girl truly understands the importance of submitting to House Control. Control over our urges are vital, as sissies, ...
It hurts and I'm dying

Back to my period

Although this sissy had been expecting Aunt Flo, when she came on a Sunday morning sissy was slightly unprepared ...
Love your Mother!

Serving her Mother

This sissy really got to take away the sorrows of these daily tasks and to make the house a place ...
pink razor

hairless and smooth

It feels so nice to be hairless and smooth ...
sissy lacey belle rose

House Frown to Housefrau: A sissy housewife experience

As ever, history is one of our greatest teachers, with knowledgeable tomes such as the Good Sissy Guide serving as fitting ...
Tower of Power

sissyslut aspens tower of power

She discovered that “fellatio” is simply a term borrowed from the Latin “fellare” meaning “to suck” which she has always ...
lacey glasses

Etiquette revision for a revised sissy!

she will speak truthfully and courteously, with eloquence and candor, to promote the positivity and glowing femininity that makes the ...
kendras panties

Learning her place

This sissy is committed to being trained to fully serve her Superior and/or Mistress ...

Striving for the hourglass! Of corset comes to this.

While uncomfortable at first this sissy has grown to love her corset as it gives her a lovely feminine figure ...
Hello beautiful!

tini’s pause place

This is a sissies “pause” place where she can go whenever she wants to relax and feel beautiful ...
Happy Hour Regrets

Happy Hour Regrets

This lesson validates how Mistress handles real punishment as a disincentive and not a play time. There are sissies who ...
Serious Tuck

A serious Tuck

sissy trixie is always tucked ...

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Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets Reports

Paint primp preen couffe dress and glow! Oh, the magic of glamour!
Girlish Essence Reports

Girlish Essence Reports

The sugar and spice and everything nice part of the sissy that makes up you. Let’s cultivate that girlishness!
Getting Real

Getting Real Reports

A silly little sissy must have all the tools she needs in her purse in the big bad world.
Place & Worship

Place & Worship

Walk three steps behind the Mistress, serve the tea, kneel - head down - hands in lap. Be where you are expected to be, and do as the Goddess commands.
sissy sexuality


“I swear ive never had this urge before ‘Mam. For doing anything like that. What is happening to me?”
domestic dutties

Domestic Duties

Nothing pleases a Mistress more than an immaculate house, and nothing pleases the House more than a properly completed and well submitted Domestics Report!
Womens Studies

Women’s Studies

We know you want to become a girl. Emulating instead of lusting is the first key, but there is so much more to study. Learning the ways of the Woman are an integral and important part of actually becoming one.

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This site is so cool. All of the lovely photos are inspirational to this sissy’s development. The personal stories help this sissy to believe that anything is possible.

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petey cream puff girl
2 years ago

Curtsies everyone!! Today will be a good day I’m hoping!!! My masseuse said last Thursday she’s going to give me 6 of her old bras today. I asked her what her size was and she said 38 and she asked what mine was and I said 40. With bra extenders I was told 38 will fit. Did ask about cup size but if she has large cup I can jokingly tell her I need breast form which I have. She asked if I ever got caught dressing up at home and I said no as in summer months I wait… Read more »

3 years ago

My goal is to be a bimbo sissy female for a mistress .But no mistress wants one.

Madame Stewart
Reply to  fluffybuns
3 years ago

They want a well trained one honey.

4 years ago

This sissy wants to apologize to her superiors and member sissies. wendae has years of experience dressing and wanted to get some moral support. As a wannabe cocksucker I am a failure and will probably never experience this act on my bucket list. sissy wendae wishes you all SUCKCESS and to have a Dom or Master that helps you achieve you hearts desire.

Madame Stewart
Reply to  sissywendae
7 months ago

Thats so sad honey. Keep working at your Training and you will be at the foot of a Superior!

4 years ago

Since registration for masturbation schedule, this sissy being chaste waiting for notification.
S.he tucked and pantied. This sissy going to purchase a plug to be plugged the longest time that be possible for
This sissy is so grateful to be in the House, s.he knows s.he will become a good girl at the end of training and thanks to Superiors.
Though s.he has no Mistress or Master, s.he will do her very best for Superiors of the House, and would be grateful to a Mistress who could have interest in

Madame Stewart
Reply to  Marie
4 years ago

Make sure you have a correct email address in your Training Profile honey! Unless you are only approved Monthly wanking, you should receive a notification soon.

lexi marie
lexi marie
4 years ago

Superior Masters and Mistresses, Your submissive gurl has lived her life serving woman as a slave and men as a toy. Submissive slut isnt sure where to turn now. The pathetic sissy she is has cleaned, cooked, and much much more for woman. For man, she has sucked and fucked. Her nails are long,75% of her body is shaved, including underarms and legs from the knee up. She is more woman than anything. She does need more training on being as femme as she can with her looks and how she carries herself. Men have told her she is HOTTT,… Read more »

5 years ago

I have enjoyed my two days of being able to masturbate. I wore sissy panties as well as a bra. It felt so good to stroke my sissy clit and fantasize of being with a man or another woman. Look forward to my next session. Thank you for allowing me to have two days to masturbate.

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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x