donnawillserveyou | 11.16.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

slut has read the nails training course several times and is now familiar with the principles and practice of beautiful nails. 🙂

this sissy is not allowed a bath and has to do her shaving and other activities in the shower. so sissy carefully washed and cleaned her skin and nails several times. slut was careful not to cause dry hands and used a lavender cream soap. slut came out of the shower and carefully dried off. slut carefully pulled on tight panties and tucked.

then slut used a small pull out table to gather sluts manicuring tools. attached pictures show this. the pink tool has many tips that can be added to help achieve a good manicure. slut first pushed back cuticles. then slut examined the nails for flakes or cracks or similar. then slut use the grinder tip and nail files to create a smoothly round shape with a tip.

Slut began carefully applying a base coat, see pics, then three layers of shiny pale pink on layer at a time and plenty of curing time. finally slut applied the top coat and carefully let it dry. a beautiful set of nails appeared, just as the House taught. see beautiful nails. slut did stop for a few minutes to massage and pull at her sissy titties and nipples just to look and enjoy her nails and feel the eroticism inside.

sissy slave don-na does not get to do sluts fingers often. Wife has told slut not to wear fingernail polish most of the time and slut obeys her. when Wife is away a longer period and slut has all chores complete slut does her fingernails, but has to remove soon after doing them.

Wife has given slut to wear toenail polish years round and slut takes new pictures of the latest polish every time. slut will post a few here, too. sissy slave is not as good with her toes but tries hard. slut shares these pics with sluts sisters.

sissy slave don-na is happy, happy, happy to wear nail polish. the House instructions of how to achieve a perfect manicure are magnificent and have helped slut to do a much better job 🙂 thank You House.


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