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pinkgirl-natalie | 04.07.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissy used to shave her legs every once in a while. However, it was difficult to explain to this sissy’s girlfriend the continual shaving. So this sissy decided to try light aided hair removal. This sissy doesn’t have very much body hair anyway, but leg hair and a small bit of stomach hair was very un-sissy-like.

Sissy started with the little hair on her belly, and after three weeks of using the InfiniSilk, the hair no longer continued to grow there. So this sissy got bold *sorry* and she used it on her legs. She has used it on her legs for about three weeks now and they are almost permanently smooth. A little hair still grows, but that will likely stop after a few more weeks of using it. This sissy has also done the same with her clitty-hair and hair on her rear so that it is obvious when seeing her nude what a meek sissy she is.

If Mistresses wish, sissy will give updates on her progress and provide photographic evidence when hair loss is fully permanent.



  1. This sissy is so very grateful to Madame Stewart for reading her report and giving her guidance. Of course sissy was wrong to try shortcuts, it was irresistible. But natalie won’t make that mistake anymore. This sissy thinks she might already be somewhat permanently affected by the treatment since her stomach hair no longer grows and her leg hair grows very sparsely now.

    Sissy will only shave from now on and try to do it on a regular basis. Thank you Madame for not punishing sissy for misbehaving.


  2. While I appreciate your intention to be a smooth, hairless sissy – the Assignment at the House is to create the feminine ritual of the bath. Not so much the end goal – so never a reason to race to the end!

    There’s no free lunch in this world honey. and laser is just that – with the possibility of skin damage with the lasting quality of a bikini wax. The only hair removal that is permanent is electrolysis – and it’s no walk in the park. Each follicle individually removed permanently with the ouch of a bee sting.

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