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ericachristine | 04.11.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

It is Tuesday, so this sissy gets the pleasure of making up he.r face in the morning. It all begins with washing the face and doing a quick shave. Then, foundation is applied as a base. This sissy does not have fancy make up; s.he uses Revlon, Maybelline, and ColorGirl products. S.he follows the foundation with dark green eyeshadow for he.r lids, a line of off green in the crease, and then lighter yellow above the eye. A quick mix blends the colors together nicely. This sissy then uses eye liner to go above the eye on the eyelid and below the eye to outline he.r orbs. S.he then uses mascara to lengthen he.r eyelashes. A bit of blush on the cheeks, powder to soften everything, and dark red lipstick (tasting like roses–yum!) follow. Lip gloss to provide fuckable wet lips finishes the face. Then, it is off to get dressed for the morning before s.he has to take it all off and head to work.

This sissy loves Tuesday mornings!

Thank you for this experience!


–erica christine


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