princess ari fellates
sissyari | 04.20.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy has studied this Assignment every day this week and practiced for 1 hour after each study session. S.he is greatful for he.r superiors for providing all the insightful guidance and tips.

princess ari didn’t know how to effectively us he.r tounge while giving fellatio, head, or a blow job. S.he has found out that as the moments pass and things heat up he.r enthusiasm is through the roof.

This sissy will continue with daily practice so that s.he can pleasure any man needing release. Working on deep throating and taking each quarter inch s.he was surprised there was no choking so long this sissy continued slowly. Rising slowly and moving left and right as s.he came off as slowly was the most sensual experience ever! This sissy is enthused to try out he.r skills to pleasure a real man and greatful for the wise Superiors for giving he.r skills to serve he.r purpose and be able to provide a valuable service to a Dominant.

– princess ari


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