sissy sexuality

“I swear ive never had this urge before ‘Mam.  For doing anything like that. What is happening to me?”



Taking it all in: A reflection on one’s submissive journey.

This sissy now makes love as any gay woman would, her pussy and tits now her only forms of pleasure. As per the definition of Anal Submission, sissy lacey has truly gone in deep ...
anal sex

sissies most prized asset

andrea dreams of having a Mistress too please ...

Transformation through sissy masturbation

Now this girl truly understands the importance of submitting to House Control. Control over our urges are vital, as sissies, we must learn this ...
Tower of Power

sissyslut aspens tower of power

She discovered that “fellatio” is simply a term borrowed from the Latin “fellare” meaning “to suck” which she has always found curious since “sucking” makes more sense than “blowjob” meaning “to blow” ...
Anal Submission

Already gave into Anal Submission and didn’t even know it

This sissy has been playing with her sissy pussy for a long time with no guidance. However after reading the Anal Submisson Assignment s.he applied her findings ...
Anal Sex?

filling my sissy cunt with pleasure

s.he nearly collapsed in ecstasy ...
Sissify System of Safer Cocksucking

Longing to be a Cum Receptacle

How this girl longs to take a warm throbbing and growing living cock of a true Alpha into her mouth. Till the day Mistress Eleanor decides, till then it remains this girls highest aspiration ...

sissy misty’s Masturbation Oath

This sissy’s goal is to be able to cum without touching he.r clitty, so in time s.he will only be able cum when being fucked by a Real Man ...
butt stuff

start small

This sissy knew only about 4 rules of this training, and lives by them ...
Cocksucking 101

sissy misty, cocksucker

sissy misty must admit s.he is blushing a bit while writing report ...
Wanking 101

Learning to Masturbate

This sissy will only masturbate as directed by Superiors from now on, and s.he can hardly wait for next chance to please Superiors ...
special day

containing her excitement

s.he begins to understand more and more each day that s.he is designed to be an obedient girl, and sissy clit is yours. All yours ...
kindra plugged

on the joy of being plugged

Dear Madame Stewart, please accept this sissy’s report on the Anal Submission Assignment. Specifically, this sissy would like to report on experiences with plugging sissy pussy. All good sissies know that “tucked, plugged, and pantied” is the House ...
sarah sucks

a long hard look at cocksucking

As sarahjane progresses in he.r feminization , s.he knew one day s.he would be called upon by a Superior to suck a Real Mans cock ...
bunny butt

ashley’s anal submission

The purpose of Anal Submission is to be certain to have the mental and physical capability to submit to whatever a Superior might demand ...

sissy’s pussy is always full!!

One important aspect of her training has been sissy’s anal exercise to prepare her pussy for penetration as directed by a Mistress or other Superior ...
Girl’s new friend

Girl’s new friend

This g.irl has recently decided to let the House lead further down the path than ever was imagined. The House has opened a g.irls eyes to new experiences and s.he wanted to become more of what sisters have ...

Affirmations of a sissy

As misti is preparing for her new role in life she knows that she has to adapt the correct way of masturbation for a sissy and embrace her place in the world ...
special day

sissy stroking her silly sissy clitty

This sissy really really enjoyed this assignment. It felt so good to slow down and really enjoy and explore every sensation ...

Being ‘Head Girl’

sissy sandy deems it her life’s greatest achievement to be able service Her orally ...

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I wanted to thank you for the insight into TransGendered Persons. As a Psych student doing a thesis on Gender Issues In Counseling your information helped to clarify and reify my own position with regard to gender identification psychology. I wish… Read more “Todd”

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1 year ago

My first day in the house and sissy is going to be a perfect obedient pet for the superior ladies Sissy is ready for this amazing opportunity to make a good female

1 year ago

sissy annie has a few toys she likes to use in her pussy, today she is using a four inch cock like plug and when after a few more hours she will remove it and replace it with a 9 ” rubber life like cock.

1 year ago

annie is willing to submit to her new training and she does enjoy sucking a real man’s cock. she looks for to being the best she can be for her new Mistress.

2 years ago

Special Days are made much more special i expect with proper supervision and training. Look forward to when i am ready for new and proven ways to becum more like the sissy i wish to be. Thank You all. submissivesissy stephaniecurl

sissy joni
3 years ago

Thank you Madame…you are so patient and understanding with sissy joni. s/he has amended her report and posted it correctly (s/he hopes!). s/he looks forward to pleasing the Madame and all the Superiors with her frequent, complete and engaging assignment reports.

sissy joni
3 years ago

Good afternoon Superior Ladies…sissy joni will be training he/r sissy pussy this afternoon, per Mistress’ instructions. s/he has already shaved and cleaned it thoroughly and waited some time (Mistress let he/r take a nap–such a generous Mistress!) before exploring he/r delicate opening with he/r fingers, plenty of lovely lube and then slipping in he/r favourite large buttplug. s/he will wear the plug for about 20 minutes. After removing the plug s/he will begin opening up to receive the larger dildo attached to the little white stool. sissy joni loves to ride any cock and looks forward to the day when… Read more »

Madame Stewart
Reply to  sissy joni
3 years ago

Very nice honey! But – I want you to submit a Report so you get credit for this Assignment!
Submit your Report!

4 years ago

I would. just. love to submit. to someone.