vanessa16 | 03.11.2019 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissy went was giddy to start painting her nails. This sissy went right to work applying nail polish after reading the instructions for sissy nails. This sissy first began by filing her nails. Next, this sissy was able to move back her cuticles on her left hand, but had difficulty with the right (this sissy is right-handed). This sissy then applied the based coat of Gimme a Lido Kiss Nail Lacquer. This sissy became so excited that she accidentally got some on her fingers when applying it on the left hand. She then applied the nail lacquer to the left hand, but once again had difficulty keeping her left hand steady. She then repeated the process and applied a clear coat of Revlon Sealing Shine.

This sissy loved the smell of nail polish as she was applying it. It made this sissy feel so wonderful afterwords, with a constant reminder of her budding femininity just a glance down to the bottom of her hands.

Aside from the the erotic sensation of applying nail polish, learning how to apply a proper manicure serves practical purposes. Properly applying a manicure enhances a sissy’s feminine presentation, so she can look respectable and more attractive to men and other sissies. Also, applying nail lacquer teaches patience, precision, and delicacy, which are all required for a successful application of almost all other cosmetics.

More importantly, the nail polish’s presence serves as a constant reminder, just by looking down at her hands, of a sissy’s femininity. The feminine aura of the smell of freshly opened nail polish never leaves the sissy so long as her nails are painted. Whats more powerful about nail polish is how it announces its wearer’s femininity to others. Its (short-term) permanence ingrains itself onto the sissy. For a sissy, this display is a badge of honor. It announces to the world that vanessa is a sissy and she is here to stay!

i am a sissy, i am Not a Man, i submit my arrogant masculinity to my Superior for eradication!

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1 year ago

your nails looks so pretty and the way you explain how painted nails announce you are a sissy and not a man. Great reflection. 🙂 xx

1 year ago

Lovely. How about those toes?

princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister, sissy is so glad to see how well sister followed the House assignment teaching. xoxoxo lovely job!

1 year ago

Great work, sis! Q-tips and polish remover are excellent for getting excess polish off of the skin. sissy katherine likes to pour a little remover into the cap/lid to dip the q-tips in. For extra-fine clean-up, a toothpick dipped in remover can be even more precise. After enough practice sissy will need these less and less, though.

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Great report honey!