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felicity-6 | 04.22.2019 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

*deep curtsey*

This sissy respectfully submits her report for Your attention, and hope’s so much that it amuses You.

There is something so alluring about painting nails. It requires sissy to focus on what is a very delicate task. Each little stroke could so easily end in a mess of smudged bright nail polish all over the place! This sissy was a little apprehensive about this as she is very tidy and hates to make a mess, not to mention the horror that careless strokes might spoil the desired effect – to be a perfect sissy nail manicure doll, felicity thinks this word might better be named a ‘Femicure’ *giggles* but really! It’s such a feminine and (thankfully) unmanly process isn’t it? I’m typing this with my nails done and it’s so lovely how the splashes of colour as my painted nails move make this even more sissy, it feels delightful!

Start by Properly Preparing Yourself:

As instructed felicity took a long luxurious bath, full of lovely pink bubbles then shaved silky smooth. This sissy then dressed in magenta/black satin lace panties and matching bra, a nice black satin dress but no stockings or tights/pantyhose which felt oddly exposed somehow but necessary to allow free unrestricted access for the toenails to be done. Next felicity laid out all the nail Femicure things neatly on a handy footrest and repeated the House suggested mantra “i am a sissy, i am not a man, i submit my arrogant masculinity to my Superior for eradication” 5 times allowed. This felt very uplifting and prepared sissy’s girly mind for the coming task.

Then sissy realised she had forgot to review herself in the mirror before proceeding, so she did that next brushing her hair again and touching up her lipstick before repeating the mantra another 5 times to herself in the mirror. Now felicity was ready.

The Process:

This sissy found a very glamorous and informative web article on ‘Femicure’ (Manicure) at wonderful Cosmopolitan and these are the instructions she used along with the most excellent House ones; the Cosmo link felicity consulted was:

The advice from Cosmo, which felicity followed, for cuticles was not to touch them and she respectfully hopes the House is ok with that.

All the instructions were duly followed diligently and with extreme caution due to the mess that possible horrid ramifications if mistakes might have been made. The sissy felicity prepared, cleansed, filed and shaped the nails. Trimming was not required due to serendipity (and the fact that they were not that big to begin with sissy suspects). Silly airhead felicity forgot to purchase a base coat! However, two coats of the polish seemed (to sissy anyway) to work quite well.

The main trick to it that felicity found is not to apply lashings of nail polish, two restrained applications with a break for drying the first coat first seems to be quite effective. There was the odd bit of splashing on unwanted areas, but sissy found that careful wiping with a baby wipe was enough to correct these small problems. Like finishing overzealous application of lipstick, the wiping should be more towards and sideways to the nail (not outwardly). After the second final coat was applied sissy was positively glowing with the lovely shiny new nails. The other hand (the right one if you are right handed) is trickier to apply nail polish to of course unless sissy is ambidextrous *giggle*.

The House Sissy Nail Method:

This sissy is in admiration of The House and all the wonderful House advice, and felicity will of course seek to refine and perfect her sissy nail look accordingly. Pink will be her next nail polishing aim and sissy hopes the house doesn’t mind her aberration into gold and red for this her first attempt at sissy nailing it. Iridescent pink sounds so dreamy love the thought of that, oh my!

It would be lovely to go out fully dressed, made up and sissy nailed, and felicity is keen to do this sometime, hopefully soon.

Respectfully Yours,

felicity xx

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5 months ago

Thanks sis, a very nice report?

princess sissy
1 year ago

adore sister’s nails. keep it up and spoil your sisters with beauty

1 year ago

Pretty nice sister 🙂

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Well done honey! Your nails are very pretty – but get those panties pulled back up!