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jennibel | 05.30.2019 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

When jennibel faced truths about herself, her long term companion, anxiety, started to visit her less often. Anxiety is unpleasant company my sisters, but her impact on jennibel’s appetite did at least keep jennibel thin. But age and happiness have moved in, and along with them, they brought an unwanted houseguest – weight gain.

Therefore, this sissy has committed to regaining control of her figure. To this end, she will post her sizings here – for further review later in her journey.

Band: 34 inches
Bust: 35 inches
Cup: A

jennibel has started on girl juice so she hopes to see her bust numbers going up over the next couple of years!

Waist: 37 inches
Hips: 38 inches

jennibel has spent most of her adulthood with a 30 inch waist, it has rapidly expanded and must be reversed!

Height: 5.7″

Panty size (hips): US7 / UK 12
Dress size: Medium / 8 US — UK 12 (based on bust size)
Waist: XXL / 20 — UK 22

jennibel is very much not a size 22! This does however highlight to jennibel the disproportionate size of her expanding belly.

Shoe Size: 10 US / 7 UK

At 5’7″ with shoe size of 7 UK, jennibel feels like she has been very lucky. she knows other sissy’s have significant issues surrounding their height and shoe sizes. As such she feels particularly bad about letting her waist line get to where it has.

During the process of taking these measurements jennibel experienced a range of emotional reactions. On the one hand she felt happy that she has a relatively petite frame to work with, horrified at the extent of her tum tum. But overall there was a feeling at the back of her mind the whole time that was difficult to place. A sense of being objectified, as if society’s expectations about body shape were important and she was lesser because she didn’t meet those standards. This sissy’s goal is reacquire her more ‘gladiola’ body shape through adjusting her diet and exercise regime.

After stripping down and taking the tape measure to herself and exposing the numbers to the world, jennibel feels she has gained insight into the pains her Superiors have had to spend their lives dealing with and this has coloured the way she approaches discussions about clothes with her Superiors and given her additional sensitivity when she feels the urge to compain to her sissy sisters about her body.

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  1. Some big realizations for you about the suffering that Women go through with their sizing. Hence waist shapers, girdles, corsets and pantyshapers. But as you well know, it’s more about knowing what clothes are flattering to the type of body you are wearing honey. Great report!

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