katherined | 12.03.2018 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Your sissy has dedicated today to studying the sissy Nails assignment and went to two stores to purchase the appropriate sissy nail colors, then carefully painted the sissy’s nails using a girly pastel rainbow French tip design with a matte top coat. Your sissy used French manicure stickers to help with keeping the colors separated from the clear nails. Your sissy has grown natural nails to the length pictured and will work hard to keep them properly maintained and painted for the House Superiors.

Your sissy has painted nails before and previously referenced the CutePolish YouTube channel for technique advice and draws aesthetic inspiration from the PixieLocks YouTube channel. Your sissy is grateful for the House Superiors’ detailed requirements to help sissies follow additional steps to keep the nails appropriately presentable. Your sissy has shown the nails to the sissy-wife’s Mistress-Wife who was approving of this attempt.

Love, kisses, and curtsies,

sissy katherine

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Well done! I love your choice of colors!