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Sometimes this sissy cuddles lips with nails in order to soak smoothness and texture of nails. Although s.he feel the need to regularly check and keep an eye open on their state, keep them in shape. Changing the nail polish is always a special time that requires special care and sensitivity.

Since this time it was observed by The House additional respect and watchfulness to the preparation and to the whole ritual in general was obligation. Reports are always interaction with Superiors of The House so prolonged bath and skin care was appropriate induction to wakeful and solemn state accompanied by decent make up and dressing.

Beside good nail polish that is most humbly kept on proper temperatures all the time, this sissy finds it crucial to enter the beautification of nails calmly or to at least be ready to find calmness in the process. Beside flavor which nice nails brings to the life, just that aspect of calmness is sometimes a leading thought in the ritual. Although trough the years sensation of nails is not as ecstatic as it used to be nails are always potential source of smile, of getting in touch with h.erself or pointer to inner walls.

This sissy still remembers decency and inner glow by which grandmother cared for Her nails. What a beauty! Over the time this sissy chose or gathered little nuances of nails ritual that s.he finds as always good or uses from occasion to occasion. So unfortunately s.he can’t point out any particular source of humble knowledge on nail beauty. However all necessities were bought locally, in person and trough time. Mainly s.he prefers and uses pink or purple variations and loves to play with additional layers of shines or shimmers. Since s.he tries to keep nails in shape, preparation or manicure doesn’t take to much time. As assignment points out, good care was taken to thoroughly remove all the skin from nails in order that polish and everything last longer. And than to clean them with same attention before starting with layers on the nails.

Probably the most important moment in applying the coats s.he believes is to use clean and precise motions while having in mind thickness and structure of current coat. Smoothly extending top coat over and under edge of nail brings firmness and durability of whole nail to another level. Sometimes and when they are long enough, s.he plays with overlapping colors from top side and bottom side of nails.
This sissy humbly sees nails as some sort of restroom (The sissy Lounge assignment) that is always here, a “place” to take a brake from the outside world and get in touch with path. They alone are or can be initiative. It is not so hard to make them nice or even to carry them but biggest challenge (and their power) is to take initiative, accept the world, its reactions in proper way. Especially if s.he is not all dolled up.

Having a colored nails but short nails is more practical in every-day life but it is uglier and drives the vibe of freak while longer nails are harder to carry but sends more full and nicer picture, in and out of Once one Man was laughing like lunatic to as she missed quite a few time a button to open doors on public transportation due to long nails. It was funny indeed.

This sissy regularly washes dishes and also grabs and uses hands a lot on work so nails requires care very often. Because of the way how hands needs to be utilized, in the past s.he regularly and often got hurt if they were long.

And if they are not long it feels quite different, kind of cut off, inappropriate, desecrated. However that is the way it has to be for at the present time. s.he have (to have) shorter nails on one hand while on other s.he can have three long nails. Not the best presentation but s.he loves and values very much those (long) natural nails. They are more or less always polished being that just with transcendent coats or nail polish. Also s.he must (loves to ) often mix and change their look.

On bright side s.he feels confident in knowledge to have proper nails when chance occurs . Also there are and fake and acrylic nails but that is matter for some other report.

For assignment s.he let nails grow as long as at least on one hands all five were intact. That was quite challenging. Once s.he had to climb slippery tree after the rain but managed (barely) not to fall or brake any nails in the process. Once one nail started to crack it was time to humbly “finish” assignment.

For this occasion s.he chose “wet” pink color. And latter as s.he played, added a shimmering coat and variation with purple lines. Also there is and picture of two of everyday longer nails (third is a thumb :)).

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princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister, lovely, lovely, lovely. sissy thinks sister did a fabulous report!

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Great report honey!