margeaux-2 | 06.02.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors of The House,

Etiquette is wonderful tool that sands and softens the edges of aspiring submissives. sissies submit will and autonomy by practicing exemplary etiquette.

Ladies wield etiquette as a weapon. There’s the history of the rise of etiquette, how it was taught to strapping handsome boorish manly knights to conduct courtly love. The use of etiquette in The House is not to confine the behavior deliciously manly warriors, though, but to mold unrefined aspirants into humble soft sweet sissy girls.

Etiquette is the code of conduct for guests, and all sissies of The House are guests. As guests of The House etiquette limits what each of the sissies of The House can do other forms of physical bondage. Proper etiquette and the rules set for it puts each of the sissies at the mercy of every Superior.

The reminders of etiquette of The House are a beautiful contract of behavior that constantly reinforces that tawdry complacency is poor etiquette. The subtext of the rules is that sissies will submit. Rules can change but as guests of The House sissies must abide by those rules. They are never unfair. Following the rules of etiquette grants entry in The House to learn, grow, submit, and discover pleasure.

Love and Kisses <Curtseys.




  1. Dear Margeaux, I enjoyed reading your report. The intersecting circles is interesting and the cartoon is very cute. your profile is darling and your picture is very sweet! definite vixen sissy!

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